2007 WCOOP: Event #8 final table report


"A lot of my friends had bankrolls. A lot of my friends started playing Omadraw. A lot of my friends went busto. Omadraw is like crack. Once you start you can't stop...until you are out of money."

My friend Miami Don wrote that a couple of weeks ago. Whether it's because I respect Don, whether I love Omaha games, or because they are a constant threat to my roll, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I think Don was talking about the Pot-Limit variety, but the quote came to mind when I sat down to watch Event #8 of the PokerStars World Cup of Poker, the $530 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event. If you're an Omahaddict, tournaments like this one are bankroll candy. Limited loss, tons of fun, and a chance for a really big score. Even the limit varietal provides a lot of excitement. Just ask the 917 people who signed up to play Event #8.

It took nearly eleven hours to get down to the final table of nine players. All players were guaranteed at least ten times their buy-in. First place offered a cool hundred grand to the winner, and that's not a candy bar that's been in the freezer.

Here's how the final nine Omaha players stacked up at the final table.

Seat 1: copi (693336 in chips)
Seat 2: SSSHIP_IT (307845 in chips)
Seat 3: bigdogpckt5s (259245 in chips)
Seat 4: joeaces (69874 in chips)
Seat 5: Lystig (280373 in chips)
Seat 6: SKOAL (553128 in chips)
Seat 7: rkruok (67632 in chips)
Seat 8: ch0ppy (256864 in chips)
Seat 9: oskar (262703 in chips)

It only took one hand to turn the nine-handed contest into an eight-handed final table. Joeaces entered the final table with only a few big bets left in his stack. Holding QdKcAh2h, he got into the pot and saw a decent flop, 3d8d9c. From there, nothing good happened. His deuce paired on the turn, and the four of clubs on the river was no help to beat Lystig's Jh7cJc6d. Joeaces finished in ninth place, earning $5,502.00

With one player gone, the nightly half-hour break gave the players a much-needed rest after eleven hours of play. When discussion of a deal broke out, ch0ppy was the first to speak up and say he wasn't interested. At the time, he was short on chips and left with half an hour to think about how he might remedy the situation. Back from break, the cards didn't cooperate. He called a raise with KdJsTcJc. From that point, he was never ahead again. Rkrouk held 3dAh2sQc and flopped two pair. All the money was in by the river and ch0ppy had not improved. He exited in eighth place and picked up $9,628.50.

Oskar had already been on the ropes and managed to stay alive. His time would come, however. He'd gotten under SKOAL's skin about an hour into final table play. SKOAL, frustrated, had wondered aloud, "How did you make it this far?" So, it must have been justice in SKOAL's mind to be the one who sent oskar to the rail. Oskar came in for a raise with 8sQsAc7c and SKOAL called with 2h4s8h6c. The flop brought 5sJc5h. SKOAL bet out and oskar raised, leaving himself just one bet for the turn. The ace of hearts fell next, followed by the ten of hearts on the river, giving SKOAL the flush and the win. Oskar finished in seventh place for $14,213.50.

Shortly thereafter, the players were five-handed. Bigdogpckt5s lost most of his chips and with less than one big bet left in his stack got his money in behind against Lystig and couldn't catch up. Bigdogpckt5s won $19,257.00 for his sixth place finish.

With five players remaining, talk of a deal broke out, and then broke down for one reason. SSSHIP_IT wanted more than his opponents were willing to give up. He typed his real name, Martin Corpus Jr. in the chat box and told everybody to check his stats. He haggled for $4,000 more and no one would give it to him. With the cards back in the air, SSSHIP_IT beat SKOAL in the next hand and then immediately said he would accept a new deal. This time, SKOAL offered in his opinion in three letters: "lol." Less than five minutes later, SSSHIP_IT was out and SKOAL was the one who sent him to the rail, his 2hKhAh9c beating out SSSHIP_IT's As3c2sJh. If there is such a thing a the Deal Kill Curse, some folks might argue SSSHIP_IT fell victim to it. The deal would've given him $32,000. His final take for fifth place was $24,988.25

With SSSHIP_IT gone, the players settled into deal-making mode again. This time, the deal went through. With $22,000 left on the table for the champion, the players locked up the following amounts for themselves.

copi: $65,882
Lystig: $53,937
SKOAL: $40,729
rkruok: $49,680

For a while, it looked like SKOAL might be the next to go. However, he wanted that $22,000 left on the table. Before long, he got all his money in with the best hand against Lystig and doubled up when Lystig's low draw didn't come in on the river. A few hands later, SKOAL did the wet work again. On a flop of 4c 5h 6c, Lystig flopped the little straight to SKOAL's nut low and nut flush draw. The betting was capped on the flop and turn, putting Lystig all in. SKOAL's flush draw gave him the nut-nut on the river and sent Lystig out in fourth place.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, well-known Austrian player copi put on a bit of a clinic, mostly at the expense of rkruok. Before long, rkruok had to pick a hand and go with it. He chose Kh7hQh5s, which was good for two pair on the turn, but bad when copi made a bigger two pair on the river. Rkruok departed in third place, setting up a heads-up contest that was hardly fair. Copi had most of the chips on the table and finished off SKOAL in short order when SKOAL's Ts2h7sAc barley connected with the board.

Both copi and SKOAL played amazing games and have been around PokerStars for a long while. I met copi a few years ago when he played fo Austria's World Cup of Poker team. Over the years, he's been a familiar face in WCOOP and at final tables all over the PokerStars system. Congratulations to copi, SKOAL, and everybody else who cashed in Event #8.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #8 Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and four-way deal that left $22,000 for first place

1. copi (Austria) $87,882.00
2. SKOAL (United States) $40,729.00
3. rkruok (Australia) $49,680.00
4. Lystig (Norway) $53,937.00
5. SSSHIP_IT (United States) $24,988.25
6. bigdogpckt5s (Canada) $19,257.00
7. oskar (Germany) $14,213.50
8. ch0ppy (Canada) $9,628.50
9. joeaces (United States) $5,502.00

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