October 2007

31 October

EPT Dublin: Chip counts

Into level six with blinds at 150/300 with a 25 ante, it seems Frenchman Ludovic Lacay is the clear leader, but there’s plenty of action from PokerStars qualifiers with the likes of Justin Francis, Barry McGrath and Michael Durrer in close pursuit.Ludovic Lacay – France – 95,000Roman Yitzhaki – USA...more

EPT Dublin: Leading the way

Team PokerStars pros Katja Thater and Luca Pagano are back from the dinner break in a little better shape than when they left. Both are off the felt after flying lower than is normally comfortable, Luca at times clipping the trees as his stack descended. Luca moved in on the...more

EPT Dublin: Industry Hall and former lives

Industry HallIndustries Hall has little left to show of its past and the factory that used to operate here. Big doors along each side - the type you’d see in aircraft hangers revealing a blimp or the space shuttle - are one of a few tell tale signs of what...more

EPT Dublin: The age gap takes its toll

Tom Bentham has gone beyond proving himself to be a capable online player. The former university student quit his studies to turn his attention full time to playing and it’s working out well, qualifying for another EPT after his appearance in London last month. Oh, and he’s also won four...more

EPT Dublin: The who's who

Cards are in the air – by design not by any evil force and day 1b is underway. A bigger field than yesterday with 132 sitting down to play. It's top heavy with Irishmen as you'd expect but large chunks of the world are represented. Among those here...John Tabatabai --...more

EPT Dublin: Trick, treat, check or bet

A tricky-treaty kind of day lays ahead for the second flight of players making their way to EPT glory. For some it will be a night of horror! (my emphasis) one of disaster and mayhem. For the rest the promise of sweet reward - a seat in day two and...more

EPT Dublin: Day 1a chip counts

Mike McDonald leads the field at the end of day 1a with Dave Colclough not far behind. Among them are 16 PokerStars qualifiers and a quick look at who's left shows... Mike McDonald – Canada –- 67,250 Dave Colclough – UK -- 59,350 Phidias Georgiou – Cyprus -- PokerStars qualifier...more

EPT Dublin: The story of day 1a

The Royal Dublin SocietyFar from being ravaged by any potential Guinness hangover the start of the EPT Dublin saw 91 poker players from across Europe and the world fresh, on time and ready to take their €8,000 seat to the next round of the EPTs fourth season. Industries Hall at...more

EPT Dublin: Slow/fast journey into the night

Into the last level of the day with two modes of play, both of which sway between speedy all or nothing poker - of double up or die - contrasted with the slower paced journey into the night, the warming sense of well being when you sit behind a stack...more

30 October

EPT Dublin: More than a close Schaef

If Brandon Schaeffer does actually win his second EPT here he might look back to one hand in particular which breathed life back into his tournament after it looked destined for a post-dinner, pre-desert exit. He’s in the far corner of the cardroom on a table with relatively little give....more

EPT Dublin: Leading the field

As we enter level 6 the blinds now have a 25 ante attached. In terms of a chip leader Irish eyes are certainly smiling on Johnny Lodden, who has just under 50k, but it’s Henric Strath of Sweden well ahead with over 80k. Notable others include...Henric Strath – Sweden –...more

EPT Dublin: Phidias in a fog

If you followed the progress of the EPT London last month you might remember the heroic adventure of Cypriot Phidias Georgiou, the civil engineer and PokerStars qualifier who narrowly missed out on a final table finish at The Vic. Phidias GeorgiouPhidias is a rugged looking man who has swapped his...more

EPT Dublin: The whole truth and nothing but the truth

Experiencing his first EPT PokerStars Qualifier Rupinder Bedi looks strangely calm at the first break. No sign of the nerves that often rattle anyone new to the live tournament arena.Rupinder is here as the result of winning an $11 double shootout on PokerStars.com and whilst his stack hasn’t yet taken...more

EPT Dublin: The usual suspects

In a slight break from tradition the 91 players of day 1a begin with 15,000 chips with blinds in this first level at 25/50. So who’s here?Noah Boeken - Holland - Team PokerStarsTwo final tables in season one of the EPT, including the Copenhagen title. Whilst he’s in the record...more

EPT Dublin: Set to begin

Light southwesterly windsDublin woke up to glorious sunshine this morning and breakfast brought the late night revellers to their senses. Then lunch came, met by grey cloud and a drop in temperature sending the revellers back to bed again. Still, putting trust in the eager housekeeping services of Dublin’s hotel...more

EPT arrives in Dublin

Dublin – home to James Joyce and Bono (among others) and for the next five days the EPT Dublin, the fourth leg of this year’s tour which moves on from Baden, Austria, where Englishman Julian Thew took the honours two weeks ago.Whilst Joyce coloured the literary world with his pen...more

29 October

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Winners (10-28-07)

For the second straight week, all of the big PokerStars Sunday tournament played to a champion without the encouragement of a deal. Every first place player won the full first prize, including SlippyJacks who pocketed an amazing $240,633.15 in the monthly $530 Sunday Million. Here are the final table results...more

24 October

APPT heads to China

When the Asia Pacific Poker Tour came to life earlier this year, it advertised events in Manila, Seoul, and Sydney. All along, however, there were mysterious references to another event that had still not yet been confirmed. Now we know what organizers were talking about.Today, the APPT announced it...more

22 October

PokerStars Sunday Tournaments Results (10-21-07)

Players from the United States once again made a strong showing across all the Sunday tournaments. Norway, however, played home to the biggest winner of the week. Norway's Macknot won more than $187,000 in this week's Sunday Million. Congratulations to everyone who picked up big scored this weekend. Final table...more

15 October

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Winners (10-14-07)

Two great names--great if only for how very cool they are and how much money they won--ended up at the top of the leaderboards this week. My personal favorite "ChadNFreude" won the Sunday Hundred Grand this week. "Pairofnothin" won the Sunday Million for more than $140,000. Finally, "Kennethmedh" (which I...more

LParreira wins 2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

Being a poker player and running a blog can sometimes be a hard gig. You run the risk of giving too much of yourself and your game away. Regardless, there are hundreds upon hundreds of people who spend part of their day playing cards and part of their day writing...more

12 October

PokerStars upgrades software for new languages and resizable lobbies

PokerStars released a new version of its software on Thursday. Though the changes are subtle, they stand to offer you even more flexibility when playing.The biggest change that stands to affect the most users is the ability to re-size PokerStars' lobbies. If you'd like a bigger look at PokerStars' main...more

11 October

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Steps Sit & Go Satellites

PokerStars has just introduced a brand new way for you to win your seat to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for as little as $7.50. The new PCA Steps tournaments offer any bankroll a chance to play in a multi-million poker event in the Bahamas in 2008.The PCA Steps satellites are...more

EPT Baden: Thew takes it down in Baden

Julian Thew, EPT Baden winnerThere are poker players, there are popular poker players, and then there is Julian Thew.Talk to anyone on the international poker scene for any length of time and you'll never hear a bad word said about the player from Nottingham, England. There are likely to be...more

10 October

EPT Baden: Final table updates

Julian Thew, England, wins EPT Baden, earning €670,800Denes Kalo, Hungary, eliminated in second place, winning €375,00010.15pm: We have a winner. Julian Thew has ace-eight against Denes Kalo's ace-five and they get it all in pre flop. Denes needs the five and it never materialised: Julian is the champion - and...more

EPT Baden: Final table ready to go

Welcome back to Baden, where we're all set for the final table of today's European Poker Tour (EPT) event. There were 282 players when we began on Sunday afternoon and now there are just eight homes in seven different countries to which the big money will be finding its way.We...more

9 October

EPT Baden: Day three over, final table set

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a final table.After a quick, slow, quick, slow day in Baden, we finally shaved the field down from 40 to the eight players who'll duke it out tomorrow for the EPT Baden crown.They are, in order of chip stacks:Vladimir Poleshchuk - Russia - 624,000Julian Thew...more

EPT Baden: Rabe hits the ropes

Gunnar Rabe, PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, has just burst the TV bubble. He knew he was up against it when the final nine sat down around the pseudo final table; his "chip-and-a-chair" good humour hinted at an inclination to get the chips in behind the first decent hand he found.Gunnar...more

EPT Baden: Make that nine

And, just like that, they're down to nine. This time it's Sebastian Ruthenberg, the PokerStars player from Germany, who was on the receiving end.He lost a huge pot to double up Anton Allemann and then pushed in with 6-6 the next hand. Thierry van den Berg, the PokerStars qualifier from...more

EPT Baden: Down to ten

Michael Durrer, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany, has just taken two beats and then the miserable walk to the rail.Michael Durrer - PokerStars qualifier takes €30,000First, it was Gunnar Rabe, the PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, who doubled through the man from Dusseldorf with ace-ten versus king-queen. Then, when it was...more

EPT Baden: Thank Thew very much

When you're hot, you're hot and Julian Thew is somewhere near to the sun at the moment.Julian Thew - an hour or so before his rush to the chip leadHe just busted Pascal Perrault in a battle of the blinds that got a little ugly courtesy of a pair of...more

EPT Baden: And the destruction begins

Sure enough, they've started to fall. We're now down to two tables of eight, meaning 16 players in total. Five have gone since the last update and there's a redraw underway.They were:17 - Alexander Kravchenko - Russia - €12,860Ran into Pascal Perrault's aces.18 - Hector Fuentes - Spain - €12,860Lost...more

EPT: Your chance to play AND raise money for charity

PokerStars is running a special $11 rebuy satellite for EPT Dublin on October 10. You can find all the satellite details in the PokerStars lobby under 'Tournaments/EPT'.As part of our support for the Simon Poker Day charity tournament (run annually by Irish poker joker Padraig Parkinson), PokerStars is donating $2...more

EPT Baden: three tables

It's been very slow going since the dinner break, with all 21 players who sampled the fine cuisine here still remaining in the tournament.David Sonelin, the PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, is still out front, and has now been moved to the featured table. For anyone unaware, you can watch that...more

EPT Baden: Dinner break update

Today's dinner - which will be served momentarily - is likely to taste a little sweeter for PokerStars qualifier Thierry van den Berg after a big double up in the past ten minutes.A pre-flop raising battle broke out between the Dutch player and Peter Gould, of England. Thierry raised under-the-gun-plus-one,...more

EPT Baden: Selected chip counts

Shortly after the bubble burst, the world collapsed for Daniel Mangas, from Spain. On the featured table, he re-raised Julian Thew's pre-flop bet and was all in for about 75,000. Julian called with jacks, Daniel flipped kings and was looking good. But Thew spiked a jack on the turn and...more

EPT Baden: Bubble bursts

There are a few subjects in these poker tournaments that always make good blog posts: the introduction, the shots of the town, the first eliminations, the Team PokerStars pros' progress, and, perhaps best of all, the bubble.That paragraph of filler above is perhaps the best indication that this tournament was...more

EPT Baden: Making the tough decisions

Poker is a game of decisions - and some of them can be worth several hundred thousand euros. As we approach the bubble in an event of this size, the number and importance of every call, raise or fold increases, and the top players have a tendency to make the...more

EPT Baden: Carnage continues

Baden is a sleepy little spa town near to the eastern edge of Austria, close to the borders with Hungary and Slovakia. The permanent residents and tourists alike hike up mountains, eat lavish pastries or relax in the spas.The bombardment of poker players that occurs once a year must be...more

EPT Baden: Double ups and exits

Day three has begun in a predictable hurry, with those near the bottom of the overnight leaderboard desperate to begin their climb -- or to hit the spa.As reported, we have already lost RaiNKhan, whose relaxation will have to wait until after his spell in the EPT Live commentary booth...more

EPT Baden: Day three starts, ends for RaiNKhan

Day three begins, and day three is over for RaiNKhan. He pushed his short stack in when it was passed to him two off the button.Manfred Hammer, in the big blind, called immediately and it looked for all the world like a big hand. It was. It was aces.RaiNKhan flipped...more

EPT Baden: Ready for day three

Preparations underway for day threeWelcome again to Baden, Austria, for a crucial day three of the €8,000 PokerStars European Poker Tour event.There's an argument to be made that all days in such a massive tournament are crucial, but today has special claims: we start with 40 players, we will end...more

8 October

EPT Baden: Day two chip counts

The full chip counts for the 40 remaining players in Baden:Anton Allemann (Switzerland) 140,000Acar Mazlum (Switzerland) 136,000Daniel Mangas (Spain) 134,500Thomas Fuller (USA) 128,800Vladimir Poleshchuk (Russia) 122,600Michael Durrer (Germany) PokerStars qualifier 116,000David Sonelin (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier 115,500Julian Thew (UK) 114,700Victor Goossens (Holland) 108,900Denes Tamas Kalo (Hungary) 102,200Sebastian Ruthenberg (Germany) PokerStars player...more

EPT Baden: Day two wrap

And there we have it, day two is over.We started with a field of 156 still afloat in the tournament and now we're down to 40. Some of the biggest names are still around; many others have gone. There's very little mercy shown during the course of one of these...more

EPT Baden: Almost done

The day is definitely drawing to a close now, and were it not for a two-outer recently sending Michael Durrer, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany, to more than 100,000, we'd already be packing up and going home.But, truth be told, I'm happy: when I spoke to Durrer earlier in the...more

EPT Baden: Gunnar gunning

It's been a very bad day to be a chip leader. The minute after players have accumulated monster stacks, they've lost them, with the chip lead swinging from table to table. Sander Lyloff kicked it all off when he imploded very early in the day, and was knocked out. More...more

EPT Baden: Racing

The plan at the beginning of the day today -- day two, in case anyone was wondering -- was to play six levels or reduce the field to 40 players, whichever came soonest.The media room usually nods appreciatively when such decisions are announced, silently certain that it'll mean the full...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results (10-7-07)

After a short break to allow for the biggest ever World Championship of Online Poker, the Sunday Million returned to join its brothers on the biggest tournament day in online poker. More than 6,300 players signed up on Sunday and fought for a $1.2 million prize pool. Among them was...more

EPT Baden: dinner break

As the players prepare for the dinner break, there are a couple of eliminations to report. First, Mads Anderson, EPT Copenhagen winner during season two, perished at the hands of Age Spets, king-queen unable to overtake ace-queen.Then PokerStars qualifier Matt Tyler accounted for Paul Testud. This time Tyler's queen-jack was...more

EPT Baden: Thinning the field

It's been a brutal past hour in Baden, particularly for Team PokerStars Pros. Dario Minieri, Luca Pagano and Andre Akkari have all perished, leaving Katja Thater and RaiNKhan carrying the hopes.Andre Akkari in happier timesSebastian Ruthenberg, a PokerStars player from Germany, is still involved, however, while PokerStars qualifiers Thierry van...more

EPT: Earn yourself a seat for eight bucks

There are many ways to earn a seat at an EPT event, only one of which involves delving under the mattress, hauling out a bundle of used bank-notes and plonking them onto the cashier's desk in any one of these spectacular locations across the continent.Every serious poker player knows that...more

EPT Baden: Greenstein exits

A German player named Andreas Krause is the new owner of a book entitled "Ace on the River," penned by a certain Team PokerStars Pro named Barry Greenstein.That, unfortunately for Greenstein, means that his European Poker Tour excursion to Baden is over. As is well documented, the "Robin Hood of...more

EPT Baden: Day two begins

They run a tight ship here in Baden, Austria. The advertised start time for this, the second day of the European Poker Tour event, was 2 p.m. central European time. And sure enough, as the clock struck two moments ago, there was a fanfare over a loudspeaker, a deafening clatter...more

EPT Baden: Day one is done

And that's that.We started at 6 p.m. with 282 players, we played six levels, and now the the remaining 156 have bagged up and gone home. Job done. End of day one. See you tomorrow.So, what happened?Well, it's been a typically tough day on the European Poker Tour. But when...more

7 October

Power poker, Dario Minieri style

"Quick, take a photo of Dario while he has chips."That was the suggestion made an hour or so ago when the young Team PokerStars Pro from Italy was looking over a stack of around about 30,000 and bossing his opening table.Dario Minieri: easy come, easy goWe've grown used to seeing...more

EPT Baden: Ins and outs

We've just entered level five, which means blinds of 150-300. We'll play this level, then one more, and then that's it for the night, bringing the majority of the 201 remaining players back tomorrow.Of those still in the hunt are the following:Mika Paasonen - PokerStars qualifier - 7,000Sebastian Ruthenberg -...more

EPT Baden: not just any poker room

The playing area here in Baden is spread across two main rooms and a couple of nooks and crannies.The main poker room is a vast rectangular affair, which feels familiar to anyone who's ever been to any event of this size. But the second room, and its two adjoining wings,...more

EPT Baden: Under way

The official number of runners for EPT Baden is 282. The payouts will be announced soon, but in the meantime, here are a few players in the field:Team PokerStars prosKatja Thater(c) Neil StoddartNoah Boeken(c) Neil StoddartAndre Akkari(c) Neil StoddartBertrand "ElkY" Grospellier(c) Neil StoddartDario MinieriLuca PaganoVanessa Rousso(c) Neil StoddartBarry Greenstein(c) Neil...more

EPT Baden: Cards almost in the air

It's a relatively late start to day one in Baden -- 6 p.m. is a good two hours later than we're used to on the EPT. The reason is that the casino ran a super-satellite until late last night and it's only fair to allow those qualifiers a chance to...more

EPT Baden: The night before

Hello all, and a warm welcome to Baden, Austria, the third stopping point on this, the fourth season of the PokerStars European Poker Tour. So far this year, we've been to Barcelona and London, where a Danish backgammon expert and a Lebanese property developer, respectively, have worked their way to...more

3 October

PokerStars has a fourth Supernova Elite

Now that the end of the year is drawing nigh, the elite among the PokerStars VIP Club are starting to come out of the woodwork. It's only been a couple of weeks since we saw PokerStars third Supernova Elite member of the VIP Club. Now, there is a fourth: jhub3000Because...more

2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

In 2005, PokerStars created a blog for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. A few weeks later, PokerStars created a blog for the European Poker Tour. A few weeks later, it followed that all of the events and more could be covered even better with an official PokerStars Blog. So, in April...more

2 October

2007 WCOOP: Putting the World in World Championship

Depending on who is doing the telling, there are either 193 or 194 countries in the world. Regardless of which is right, one thing is for sure: 107 of those countries were represented in the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker. More than 17,000 unique players bought in over 23...more

2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure satellites available

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has become more than just a tradition for the PokerStars family. It has become an institution in the poker world. Once a year, poker players from all over the world converge on Paradise Island off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas for a week of some of...more

1 October

2007 WCOOP: TheV0id wins $1.2 million in main event

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is appointment poker every year for the world's serious players. It is the third richest tournament series--live or online--in the entire world (only behind the World Series and WPT championship). It is...more