December 2007

31 December

2007 PokerStars Year In Review

As we prepare to begin a new year, it's worth taking a few moments to look back at the time we've all spent at PokerStars in the last 365 days. This year has been one of accomplishment, charity, and innovation. Consider that PokerStars dealt its ten billionth hand. It hosted...more

Ask a Team PokerStars Pro: Tom McEvoy

One of the greatest benefits of being a PokerStars player is having access to some of the greatest poker minds on the planet. From time to time, we have an opportunity to mine the poker knowledge of the Team PokerStars Pros. What is is like being a member of Team...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Winners (12-30-07)

Sunday was a huge day for PokerStars. At one point in the afternoon, 150,000 people were logged on to the site at the same time. The Sunday Tournaments were rocking and rolling. While that was the biggest news to come out of the day, another story popped up in the...more

30 December

PokerStars becomes first to hit 150,000 players at once

The Maracana Municipal Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the largest soccer (or, if you prefer, football) stadium in the entire world. It can seat somewhere in the neighborhood of 155,000 people at once. At midday in America (ET) and prime time in Europe, the number of people playing...more

PCA Memories: Double Bubble

If I haven't mentioned it before (and that's a joke, because I have probably written about it in every one of my countless tournament reports), I simply love the bubble of a poker tournament. No matter whether it lasts two minutes or two hours, the bubble is the time when...more

29 December

PCA Memories: Curse of the Caribbean Adventure

Curse of the Caribbean Adventure? Sounds like the next generation of the Jack Sparrow tales, doesn't it? Well, it would if this were Hollywood. It's not, though. This is all real. The year the PCA arrived at Atlantis, everything followed so close to the plan, it was almost spooky. Almost...more

28 December

PCA Memories: Setting sail

Over the past few years, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has become a sort of institution at the Atlantis Resort and Casino. In has come to the point that people might have forgotten how the PCA actually got its start. Four years ago, the PCA didn't have a home. This was...more

27 December

PCA Memories: The Great Button Mystery of 2006

In 2006, I sat in the back of the PokerStars office and readied myself for what was sure to be a very long seven days of blogging. The office had not yet taken on the look of a mid-battle war room. Instead, there was an odd silence and a few...more

26 December

PCA Memories: The making of Mikael Westerlund

In advance of the 2008 PCA, we're looking back at some of the more fun moments and people of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure's history.The PCA has been a launching pad of sorts for many a poker career. From 2005 winner John Gale to 2006 winner (and, now, Team PokerStars Pro)...more

Santa Claus drops thousands at PokerStars tables

It may be time for the jolly old elf to spend some time in a Barry Greenstein master class. It's hard to say exactly what happened or what brought it on, but Santa Claus hit the tables at PokerStars last night and went off for somewhere in the neighborhood of...more

24 December

You better watch out...

If you're playing poker today, heed this advice from an old blogger.No slow rolling. No abusive chat.Try not to draw to gutshot straight draws without the proper implied odds.Not only is it in the spirit of the season, there's a list out there. In fact, there are a couple lists....more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results (12-23-07)

Without question, the Sunday Million is and for the foreseeable future will be the biggest thing that happens every Sunday. However, there is quite a contest that's been happening for the past couple of weeks that's worth mentioning. The Sunday $5,200 Freeze-Out is a winner-take-all no-limit hold'em event that doesn't...more

23 December

PCA Memories: Gentleman John Gale

In advance of the 2008 PCA, we're looking back at some of the more fun moments of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.On PokerStars' first trip to Atlantis and Resort and Casino in 2005, the blank canvas of the Bahamian poker scene was evident. One night, an announcement came over the PA...more

22 December

PCA memories: Behind the scenes

In the run-up to the 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, there exists a bit of nostalgia. I've been fortunate enough to attend every one of PCA trips at the Atlantis Resort and Casino. It's been fascinating to watch the event and prize pools grow every year. I always walk away with...more

20 December

Asia Pacific Poker Tour Season 1 coverage

Please see any of the links below to read our coverage from Season 1 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. APPT TOC APPT Sydney APPT High Roller APPT Macau APPT Seoul APPT Manila...more

2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Primer

Portions of this primer have been taken from previous PCA how-to posts. Everything here is updated for the 2008 adventure.For 51 weeks out of the year, the Atlantis Resort and Casino is home to some of the world's elite travelers. Obscenely expensive yachts float in the marina. Celebrities walk without...more

17 December

Daniel Negreanu teaches you to use PokerStars

If you read this blog, chances are you already know how to use the PokerStars software. If not, or if you'd like a refresher course on some of the more detailed features, PokerStars has just released some brand new tutorial videos that will help you out.Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results (12-16-07)

With the Sunday Warm-Up now boasting a $500,000 Guarantee, it seems like all the big Sunday tournaments are picking up steam. Anyone wanting action found it on Sunday afternoon on PokerStars. Here are this week's Sunday tournament results.PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ResultsBased on finishing order and two-way deal1. Ch.Krebs1 (Germany) $79,080.202....more

APPT T.O.C: Hachem celebrates first win in Australia

By Sean CallanderPokerStars Video Blog The Shane Warne Foundation is now $50,000 better off after the charity’s patron and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem won the first APPT Tournament of Champions.Holding an 8:1 chip lead over fellow Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer, Hachem had been blessed with a run...more

APPT T.O.C: Pace picks up as Levy and Nguyen depart

By Sean CallanderJust like that – we’re down to the heads-up battle for the first APPT Tournament of Champions title, and what a line-up.It’s world champion v world champion as 2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer and 2005 WSOP champion Joe Hachem prepare to do battle. To be fair, Raymer...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Hachem’s river drowns Parise’s hopes

By Sean CallanderBarely 10 minutes have passed since players returned from the dinner break before Brett Parise became the fifth player eliminated from the PokerStars APPT Tournament of Champions.Hoping to win $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Parise pushed in his entire stack on a board of Ad 8d 2h Qh...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Hachem’s river drowns Parise’s hopes

By Sean CallanderBarely 10 minutes have passed since players returned from the dinner break before Brett Parise became the fifth player eliminated from the PokerStars APPT Tournament of Champions.Hoping to win $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Parise pushed in his entire stack on a board of Ad 8d 2h Qh...more

APPT T.O.C: Down to five as the dinner bell sounds

By Sean CallanderThe honour of being crowned the first APPT Tournament of Champions winner will be decided among Team PokerStars Pros Joe Hachem and Greg Raymer, APPT Manila winner Brett Parise, APPT Grand Final champion Grant Levy and PokerStars player Scotty Nguyen.Two of the APPT’s season one winners, Ziv...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Last Hour Level

PokerStars Video BlogIntroduction to the Tournament of Champions The price of poker has gone up in the 2007 APPT Tournament of Champions in Sydney, and we've reached the final "1-hour" blind level. The blinds are now at 1000/2000, and all future blind levels will reduce to a half hour duration,...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: City pride on line as Melbourne battles Sydney

By Sean CallanderWho said this was going to be a friendly game? The three local players at the table – Sydney’s Eric Assadourian and Grant Levy and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem from Melbourne – are representing Australia’s two largest cities.There’s been a simmering rivalry between the cities – separated...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Isabelle evicted from Scotty’s house

By Sean CallanderIs there a poker player who looks more comfortable at a TV table than Scotty Nguyen? Away from the constant scrutiny that comes with being a famous face in a public cardroom, the PokerStars player is holding court in the TV studio and is clearly enjoying the experience...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Moneymaker first out in battle of champions

Chris Moneymaker started his journey to the APPT Grand Final in style with a cash in the $1600 Six-handed No Limit Hold’em as part of Star City’s Big Game Poker Championships.2003 World Champion Chris MoneymakerHowever, his APPT Grand Final journey was cut short on day one, and he’s now...more

APPT Sydney T.O.C: Inaugral APPT Tournament of Champions

By Heath CramThere is no charity on the felt where competitive professional poker is concerned, but today 9 of the most competitive names in the game will line up in the inaugural Asian Pacific Poker Tour Tournament of Champions.The 9 player field will comprise of 4 Team PokerStars Pros, 4...more

16 December

APPT Sydney 2007: Australia’s newest poker millionaire

By Sean CallanderThe journey started in the steamy Philippines capital of Manila in late-August, swept through the bustling metropolis of Seoul in South Korea, made a stop in the world’s gaming capital Macau before culminating in Australia’s biggest city, overlooking some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.The first season of...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table after dinner break

2.45am – Grant Levy (Australia) wins $1 million, Jeremiah Vinsant (USA), eliminated in second place for $621,540. We have a winner. The final hand was dealt at 2.45am, the 226th of the final table and the 67th of heads-up play when Levy raised to 300,000 on the button and Vinsant...more

APPT Sydney: Final Table Action

PokerStars Video BlogMonday forecast tournament of champions APPT Sydney Grand Final Final Table intro: 8.15pm -- Lei He regains the chip leadIn a fierce battle of the blinds, Lei He has come up trumps to take over a 1 million dollar pot away from chip leader Sol Bergren and take...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Chase for $1 million heats up at APPT Grand Final

By Sean CallanderThe sunny skies of the past few days have given way to grey skies outside, but the spotlights are beaming inside the Star Theatre at Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia, where the APPT has taken over the stage of this massive room. It’s the business end...more

15 December

APPT Sydney: Final table profiles for APPT Sydney grand final

Seat 1: Lei He, Sydney, Australia (oshapimasian on PokerStars, 2,623,000 in chips): Born in China but now living in Sydney’s northern suburbs, this 19-year-old is so serious about his poker that he considers it a full-time occupation. He’s been a keen poker aficionado for the past three years and won...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table Finalised

By Heath CramMitchell Price is the latest eliminated from the APPT Grand Final Sydney.Price shoved his dying stack in the middle with Ace-King suited but it was just unfortunate for him that PokerStars qualifier Barry Kohlhoff woke up with pocket aces in the big blind. Obviously Kohlhoff insta-called and...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Final Table Bubble

By Heath CramTournament directors are re-balancing the tables as we are down to 10 players. The difference between 10th and 9th for these players is a touch over 11.5k, a good night’s sleep and an appearance in the Sydney Star City Casino’s theatre tomorrow for the APPT Grand Final,...more

APPT Sydney: No Diamonds for Diamond

By Heath CramGary Diamond is eliminated in 12th place after pushing his last 90k into the pot with Queen-Ten of diamonds. Diamond raised all-in, and PokerStars qualifier Jai Kemp called from the small blind. No sooner had Kemp called and he was mucking his cards, after fellow PokerStars qualifier Sol...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Maatouk Unlucky 13th

By Heath CramAfter half an hour of very little action, Rabii Maatouk has put his money in ahead only to be dealt a cruel blow on the river.APPT Sydney 2007: Rabii MaatoukMaatouk got his last 200+k in with Ace-King suited and was relieved to get a call from table big...more

APPT SYdney: Final 2 Tables

By Heath CramThe final 2 tables has lost its first player with the elimination of Karib Karib. Karib’s ran into PokerStars qualifier Sol Bergen when re-raising his stack. Sol Bergen with AQ suited against Karib’s hapless 5-6 off suit.Karib KaribThe board filled out 3h 10s 3c Jd 7hThe table assignment...more

APPT Sydney: Three down, four to go

By Sean CallanderWe’re only four spots away from the settling the line-up for tomorrow’s APPT Grand Final at Star City.With the blinds now at 12,000/24,000 (4000 ante), three players have bowed out since the redraw – Karib Karib in 16th, followed by Colin Ford (15th) and Mark Ericksen (14th).Ford’s...more

APPT Sydney: PokerStars Qualifer Enforces a Break

By Heath CramPokerStars qualifier Jai Kemp has continued accumulating by knocking out Patrick Fletcher in 17th place and subsequently enforcing a break as Tournament Director Danny McDonagh reassigns seats as we move to the final 2 tables.APPT Sydney 2007: Jai KempFletcher pushed his last 190k into the middle with Ace-Queen...more

APPT Sydney: Big names bow out

By Sean CallanderThe last remaining Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson and last remaining PokerStars player Scotty Nguyen have been eliminated from the APPT Grand Final.We’d barely processed Guillaume Patry’s elimination in 21st place, and he was followed in quick succession by the two most accomplished players left in the...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Nelson Nullified

By Heath CramPlayers have taken a 10 minute break, with level 20 claiming the tournament life of PokerStars player Guillame Patry. Guillame had A6 against his opponent Vijayan Nagarajan’s Ace-Queen, with Vijayan collecting the 200k pot. Leo Boxell has also been eliminated.APPT Sydney 2007: Guillaume PatryWith plenty of action right...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Suckout Time!

By Heath CramIt’s bad beat o’clock! Australian player Grant Levy came from well behind to hit his two-outer and scoop a million dollar pot at the expense of chip leader Lei He.APPT Sydney Grant LevyAll of the money went in pre-flop, with Levy 500k in chips and Lei He more...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Last Lady No Longer

By Heath CramWell known Australian player Sam Kouiss has just witnessed his sister and last lady standing Suzy Kouiss’ final hand in the APPT Grand Final.Kouiss pushed her remaining chips in the middle with pocket 5’s, but stood little chance of avoiding the call from monster chip leader Lei He...more

APPT Sydney: 3 Tables Remain

By Heath CramThe clock has just ticked over into Level 19 with the blinds at 8,000/16,000 (2k ante) and we are left with three 8-handed tables. PokerStars online qualifiers Colin Ford and Jeremiah Vensent are not shirking the task with 600k and 750k respectively.Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson has taken...more

APPT Sydney: Former Chip Leaders Continue To Crumble

Heath CramThe exodus of players has continued after the dinner break, as former big stacks Carter Gill and PokerStars player Terrence Chan were eliminated.On a flop of Ah Tc 9d, Chan led out with a bet of 45k into Australian player Julius Coleman. Both players had similar chip stacks, as...more

APPT Sydney: Gwinner Crippled, then out in 30th position

By Heath Cram29 runners remain, as one-time tournament chip leader, Dane Henrik Gwinner lost the biggest pot of the tournament thus far, as he watched 1.2 million chips pushed in the direction of Lei He, the new monster chip leader.Gwinner’s aggression has brought about his demise, as he committed most...more

APPT Sydney: Nelson Going Nowhere

By Heath CramThere could be no better book launch for Team PokerStars Pro Lee “Final Table” Nelson, then to live up to his nickname with another final table appearance at the 2007 APPT Grand Final in Sydney. To do so, Nelson only has to outlast less than 30 players,...more

APPT Sydney: Dinner break update, day 2

By Sean CallanderYou’d have thought by now that the pace of eliminations may have slowed up but the skip up to 5000/10,000 with a 1000 ante has simply put more pressure on the short stacks.Just 31 players remain from the 116 who took their seats at the start of play...more

APPT Sydney: Scotty shows how it’s done

By Sean CallanderWe’re used to seeing great players doing amazing things with weak starting hands, but they’re even more dangerous when reading an opponent’s strength.Scotty Nguyen just found himself in an ideal situation against Michael Pedley – in the cut-off, the PokerStars player popped it up to 22,000 and Pedley...more

APPT Sydney: Milinkovic steers short stack into the money

By Sean CallanderTwo of the four female players who made the money have been eliminated in the ensuing chaos after the bubble burst at the end of level 16.PokerStars qualifier Vera Milinkovic came into day 2 with just 11,200 in chips but carefully picked her way through the early afternoon....more

APPT Sydney: Levy’s full house tumbles down

By Sean CallanderHardly surprising, but the sound of “all-in” is again reverberating around the Star City poker room after the bubble burst on day 2 of the APPT Grand Final.Already, five more players have been eliminated in the first 20 minutes. There was drama for Grant Levy, one of...more

APPT Sydney: PokerStars Players Survive the Bubble

By Heath CramAs the players on the floor congratulated each other and the rail clapped and cheered, many PokerStars players were left with smiles on their faces, after surviving the hand-for-hand period of play. All players are now guaranteed $8,000 in prizemoney which is most significant for our online qualifiers...more

APPT Sydney: Wisdom deserts wise on bubble

By Sean CallanderThe bubble has broken in the APPT Grand Final. Outside, it’s a typically sunny and warm Sydney summer afternoon while inside Star City Casino, the poker area has been at boiling point as players sweated down the minutes and places until they were assured a minimum payout...more

APPT Sydney: We’re on the Bubble!

By Heath CramPlay is hand-for-hand at Star City casino in the APPT Grand Final in Sydney, with 57 runners remaining and the action is fold, fold, fold!One player who didn’t make it to the hand-for-hand stages of the tournament was Australian PokerStars qualifier Paren Arzoomanian who unfortunately was recently...more

APPT Sydney: 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem Eliminated

By Heath CramTeam PokerStars Pro and local poker superstar Joe Hachem has been eliminated with a lower full-house in heads-up action against PokerStars qualifier Barry Kohlhoff.APPT Sydney: Joe HachemIn a 5-way limped pot, the flop came: Qs 8d QhIt was checked around to Kohlhoff who bet 15k into the 20k...more

APPT Sydney: Tiffany terrorises kings

By Heath CramPokerStars qualifier Quentin Lae has been eliminated in three-way all-in action, with UK-based American Tiffany Williamson scooping the pot.In the hand prior Williamson showed her indisputable class by openly and correctly laying down Ace-King of spades, with her opponent confirming her read by showing pocket rockets, a laydown...more

APPT Sydney: Nguyen takes a hit & Van Marcus eliminated

By Heath CramScotty Nguyen has gone all the way to the river to lose a 250k pot to Kenny Ng.The board filled out 2s 5h Kc 4d Jh with all of the big action on the river.Scotty led out and Kenny Ng raised all-in for 96k and Scotty pondered before...more

APPT Sydney: PokerStars Players are Active

By Heath CramPokerStars player Guillaume Patry put Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem to the ultimate test. Hachem raised to 8k from the cutoff, with Patry coming over the top to 55k total in his big blind, for almost all of Joe’s chips.APPT Sydney: Guillaume PatryJoe went into the tank for...more

APPT Sydney: Scotty Scoops a Monster

By Sean Callander“Music to my ears baby, all-in, all-in, I just love it baby.” One guess who just made that comment as he KOed two players in one hand. Scotty Nguyen is on the move in the early part of day 2 in the APPT Grand Final.The 1998 world...more

APPT Sydney: The Rich Are Getting Richer

By Heath CramAPPT Sydney Preliminary Event 1 Winner Henry Sun has been eliminated by one of the tournament big stacks Carter Gill. After winning a substantial pot with a full house, Gill is stalking the chip leaders and is coloring up to have about 280k in chips.Fourth in chips at...more

APPT Sydney: First level frenzy

By Sean CallanderAn extraordinary first hour has just ticked past with 20 players already eliminated from the 116 who started day 2 in the APPT Grand Final.Ziv Bachar, who won the APPT Seoul main event three months ago, had started the day with 41,000 and elected to make his...more

APPT Sydney 2007: The Henrik Show Must Go On

By Heath CramDanish Chip Leader Henrik Gwinner is showing no signs of letting up on this APPT Sydney Grand Final Field. In the first 20 minutes of play, Gwinner has already built on his monster chip lead, to go to 450k in chips.APPT Sydney 2007: Henrik GwinnerIn a battle...more

APPT Sydney: Short stacks attack early

By Sean CallanderPoker tournaments are unique beasts. Players will do anything to survive the opening day of play – “hey mom, I made it through” – then return on the second day and bust out in the opening minutes.That’s been the case early on day 2 of the APPT...more

EPT Prague: Frenchman scoops €708,600 and first EPT Prague title

EPT Prague winner Arnaud Mattern There are some players who are gifted with natural talent. Their success comes from skill and hard work, traits not always brought to the attention of the poker world eager to find the reincarnation of the next big thing. Others will never have that, however...more

14 December

EPT Prague: Final table action continues

Arnaud Mattern from Paris, France, wins the EPT Prague and €708,600.10.52pm -- Gino Alacqua, Italy, eliminated in second place for €407,300.A big noise, more standing, an all-in called. A-K for Arnaud, Q-Td for Gino. Arnaud is ahead and can win if he avoids lots of diamonds, queens and tens. 2-6-J...more

EPT Prague: Va benne for El Diablo

7.15pm -- Kristian Kjondal may have something of the wolf, but Gino Alacqua has something far more sinister to him. With four players left Gino sits on one side opposite the dealer, Arnaud, Juha and Kristian sit on the other side, together, led by the dealer. The way they’re positioned...more

EPT Prague: More final table action

7.00pm -- Juha takes another pot uncontested, edging further and further into the lead.6.45pm -- Markus Golser, Austria, eliminated in fifth place for €151,800.Markus Golser's tournament is over. The short stack with five left, he called a pre-flop bet by Juha and moved all-in when the flop came Jc-6s-5c. Juha...more

EPT Prague: No lights, no cameras, but plenty of action

There may not be the cameras adding that touch of glamour to proceedings here but that does allow the final of the EPT Prague to take on a kind of old fashioned feel. Without the restrictions imposed by wires, cables, cameras and people with headphones, the rail is just...more

EPT Prague: Final table action

6.00pm -- Markus moves all-in but finds no callers. Play stops for a short break.Nedzib Suman 5.52pm – Nedzib Suman, Sweden, eliminated in sixth place for €119,000Another rush with a second player out in as many minutes. All in with A-T he was called by Juha with pocket sevens, which...more

EPT Prague: A look at the finalists

Seat 1: Juha Lauttmaas, 22, from Vaasa, Finland - 567,000Juha only took up poker two years ago and turned pro after six months. He kicked off with online $5 Sit and Goes, within four months was on $100 SNGs, three months later on $500 SNGS and now has turned...more

EPT Prague: First EPT visit to Prague set for great finale

The tables and chairs are in position, the lighting set, the crowds are gathering and taking seats along the bank of comfortable chairs along one side of Congress Hall – the first time we’ve been able to take advantage of that at an EPT. Everything is in place for a...more

APPT Sydney: Gwinner carries lead into Day 2

By Sean CallanderThe field for day 2 in the APPT Grand Final has been finalised after the conclusion of the third flight of day one here at Star City.A total of 561 players have taken their seats in the Star City poker room over the past three days, and...more

APPT Sydney: Who’s the boss?

By Sean CallanderWe’ve just ticked into the final level on Day 1C of the APPT Grand Final here at Star City and the chip leader is … anyone’s guess. On Day 1B, Henrik Gwinner finished with a massive stack of 390,000, but it’s highly unlikely any of today’s field...more

APPT Sydney: Carter Gill’s excellent adventure

By Sean CallanderWe’re down to just 54 players on Day 1C with less than two hours to go as the race for a place on Day 2 of the APPT Grand Final heats up.Our chip leader remains US youngster and PokerStars qualifier Carter Gill. The 20-year-old, who’s based in...more

APPT Sydney: Croc skinned with 10s

Billy 'The Croc' Argyros has lost a race for his tournament life, in all-in pre-flop action.Billy 'The Croc' Argyros eliminatedArgyros holding pocket 10s was called down by Bruno Portaro who lost nearly 20k in the previous hand. This time he was holding A K.Two other players claimed to have held...more

APPT Sydney: Suzy holding up the Khouiss tradition

By Sean CallanderLiz Lieu was the first female player two grace two final tables at a APPT event last month in Macau. This weekend, Trudie Sultana, Tiffany Williamson, Helen Davis and Vera Milinkovic are well placed to join Mz.Liz in the ranks.Lily Bui was hoping to be with them...more

APPT Sydney: Emad's on the move

PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh is certainly not resting on his laurels and has increased his stack since the recommencement of play after dinner.PokerStars player Emad TahtouhIn a hand moments ago, Emad re-raised (to 15k total), a 6k pre-flop raise and was called. The flop came: 7c 4s 10hThe original raiser...more

APPT Sydney: Guttman going great guns

By Sean CallanderMention the name of Michael Guttman to many local players and you'll be met with a blank look, as the Melbourne veteran is better known by his nickname 'Sticky Micky'.Guttman is an unlikely adversary: the smile rarely leaves his face and he is good company at the table....more

APPT Sydney: Day 1C video update

The cards are in the air with four levels remaining this evening, starting with round 9 at 500/1000.Earlier this evening the APPT's Alison Lightman took a look at today's field and action:...more

APPT Sydney: All the way for WA

Perth player Aleks Lackovic was ecstatic when slamming down pocket rockets in a three-way preflop all-in. Lackovic, from Western Australia, found himself against a short stack with pocket fives, and with a very healthy side-pot up for grabs, against an opponent with Ad Kd.The flop came: 3h 2c 2h. Turn:...more

APPT Sydney: Greens (and Lerners) gone

One could be forgiven for thinking there was a lot of action at the tables as we commence Level 8 with the blinds at 400/800. With cards face up on many of the tables and chips active, it certainly appears to be busy at the moment, but in fact the...more

APPT Sydney: Luck against Levick

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker timed his visit to the tournament floor (as a spectator) perfectly, as he watched fellow Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem rake in a huge pot, after flopping the nuts and eliminating well known local poker identity Chris Levick.Hachem decided to get fancy pre-flop with 6-9...more

APPT Sydney: Benson setting the pace

100 players remain on 10 full tables and the action has slowed down this level.PokerStars qualifier Derek Lerner fighting backPokerStars qualifier Derek Lerner (twin brother of Aaron) has fought back from 6000 in chips to have a playable stack of 20,000. Gary Benson is still the day's chip leader and...more

APPT Sydney: Day 1B leaders have their say

As the players in Day 1C grind towards the end of level 6 and approach another 10-minute break, yesterday's monster chip leader Henrik Gwinner, along with Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson and former World Champion Scotty Nguyen reflect on their day 1 performance:Approximate chip counts Day 1C (Level 6):Gary Benson...more

APPT Sydney: Poker fever strikes Emad

By Sean CallanderSportspeople sometimes have to perform at the highest level when they aren't at peak fitness – a niggling injury or a flu bug can really test elite performers on the big stage.One such player experiencing such adversity today is PokerStars player Emad Tahtouh. With a pocket full of...more

APPT Sydney: Hachem on the rise

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has taken down another pot to continue his move up the leaderboard. Joe now has 45k in chips, nicely above the current average stack of just over 30k.In the hijack seat, PokerStars qualifier Rikki Papesch raised the 500 big blind to 1800 straight. The action...more

APPT Sydney: Locals in the hunt

No Australian player has ever won $1 million in an Australian poker tournament, but many are making their charge today!Australians are currently filling the top of the leaderboard with Aleks Lackovic (80k) and Gary Benson (66k) both doubling up recently. Colin Ford is next in chips with 65k.PokerStars player Emad...more

APPT Sydney: Hachem doubles on trips

Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem "was" reeling on a short stack with little over 8000 for a large part of blind level 4, but has doubled up late to go to the break with over 20,000 in chips.In a five-way limped pot to Hachem's big blind, the flop came: 8h...more

APPT Sydney: Two of a kind (and a thousand other bad puns)

By Sean CallanderThere's been plenty of head-turning in the tournament area today – locals are still coming to terms with the sight of the 2005 WSOP champion and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem sitting in the Star City poker room.However, most of the double-takes have been reserved for Aaron and...more

APPT Sydney: Mercier’s misery

By Sean CallanderTeam PokerStars Pro Isabelle ëNo Mercyí Mercier has been a great supporter of the APPT after journeying to Seoul and Macau.Unfortunately, her APPT Grand Final experience was all too brief as she bowed out late on level three to Brooks Bingman.Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier eliminatedAlready...more

APPT Sydney: 561 players confirmed in Grand Final field

By Sean CallanderThe final figure for the APPT Grand Final has been confirmed at 561. The total prize pool is $3.366 million, and the top 56 players are assured a minimum payout of $8000Let's pause for a second to acknowledge the incredible effort of the entire APPT team to...more

APPT Sydney: Slow start for No Mercy

Level 2 has concluded and the players have taken a short (10 minute) break, with Gary Benson the early chip leader with 36k. Benson is wielding his stack at a six-handed table with three absent players (sitting out the first two rounds), and a spare tenth seat. Unfortunately Team PokerStars...more

APPT Sydney: Spotlight turned on media types

By Sean CallanderThe lines between poker, celebrity and the media have always been blurred – many players have roles in the media and journalists love to mix it up with at the poker table.Today's 1C field at the APPT Grand Final includes a couple of media types desperate to...more

APPT Sydney: House falls on Holsonback

A very tentative beginning to Day 1C, the final flight of the APPT Grand Final's first day. John Holsonback is the first player to be eliminated with a full-house, running into a better boat on the river.Elsewhere, Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem is a renowned short stack player, but will...more

APPT Sydney: Joe takes an early hit

In one of his first pots played today, Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem found himself in an eventful battle of the blinds against Safi Nafiz.Team PokerStars Pro Joe HachemOn a flop of Qs Ks 9h, Nafiz was first to act and led out for 300.Joe popped it up to 700....more

APPT Sydney: Hachem in the house on Day 1B

By Sean Callander2005 WSOP main event winner and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has just wished players all the best and instructed dealers to ìshuffle up and dealî on Day 1C in the APPT Grand Final at Star City in Sydney.Joe Hachem On Day 1Thereís barely room to swing...more

13 December

EPT Prague: Play closes with tomorrow's final table in place

It took just over five hours but our final table is in place, thanks to the departure of EPT stalwart Christer Johansson who fell at the last hurdle and missed the final table by one place. It was a hand against fellow Swede Mikael Norinder that did it, Norinder raising...more

EPT Prague: German qualifier's classy performance

Sebastian Zink may have fallen short of the final table but he didn’t fall short of impressing a lot of people this week. The modest 23-year-old from Bochum, Germany (a short distance to the EPT Dortmund) stopped by to chat after his elimination. Cognac in hand (“It makes me feel...more

EPT Prague: Closing in on the final table

In what has been a rapid fire last few hours we’re down now to 10 players, with just one more to be eliminated before our final table of nine tomorrow. Markus GolserIt’s been an adventure for some. Markus Golser made a perfect play earlier to boost his stack with a...more

EPT Prague: The state of play

Out for €12,650:21st -- Luigi Rizzi -- Italy20th -- Marc Karam -- Canada19th -- Iliodoros Kamatakis -- Greece18th -- Paul Gormley -- Ireland17th -- Jose Navarro -- PokerStars qualifier -- SpainSo into level 20 the chip stacks of the last 16 look like this:Dagomir Palovic – Slovakia – 1,000,000Markus...more

EPT Prague: Into the first break

The biggest hand of the tournament in more ways than one. Big pot, big cards. Both Tommy Pavlicek and Juha Lauttamus had their chips in the middle with good cause to think they had hope. Mikael Norinder called them both with a board already showing 9c 8c 7c 9h.Juha Lauttamus...more

APPT Sydney: Gwinner the winner on Day 1B

By Sean CallanderDay 1B is done and dusted here at the Star City Casino with 42 of the 184 players who took their seats at 10.30am set to return for Saturday's Day 2 action in the hunt for the APPT Grand Final title.Players in action today included Team PokerStars...more

APPT Sydney: Qualifiers comfortable

Only one level remains on Day 1B with the blinds at 1000/2000 (300 ante). 51 players are left with the average stack at 73k. Team PokerStars' Lee Nelson goes into the final round with 90k in chips. Scotty Nguyen had a bumpy level and took a beat, but still has...more

APPT Sydney: Bilney bows out

By Sean CallanderThe 10.30am start for each of the day one flights here at the APPT Grand Final is unusually early for players used to early afternoon starts in tournaments of this size.But spare a thought for one of Australia's top female players Sarah Bilney, who was up at...more

EPT Prague: Adrenaline rush for some, nothing short of the nuts for others

Play has started on four tables. PokerStars qualifier and one half of the Zink brothers, Sebastian Zink finds himself on perhaps the toughest table, with Marc Karam, Adrian Foy and Markus Golser opposite. PokerStars qualifiers Jose Navarro and Anthony Phillips have former Swedish international footballer and EPT regular Thomas Brolin...more

APPT Sydney: Manila champ out APPT Manila winner Brett Parise and American 83-year-old Sam Silk have found the later levels too hard on their stack, and have been eliminated.At the opposite end of the spectrum, Henrik Gwinner is only getting stronger, with almost 300k after eliminating another player, this time catching his gutshot straight...more

EPT Prague: Nothing taken for granted on day three

Yesterday we watched as 160 players were sent from Congress Hall empty handed but for a story from the EPT Prague. We also saw the first 24 of 56 cashees were paid out. Interestingly of those 24, 20 experienced an EPT cash for the first time with only Magnus...more

APPT: 'Welcome Back' says goodbye

Two big stacks locked horns and James 'Welcome Back' Potter has been eliminated from the APPT Grand Final, after just winning two big pots.On a flop of A K Q, Potter check-raised the flop, and was smooth called by his only opponent, Henrik Gwinner.The turn paired the Q, on...more

APPT Sydney: Moneymaker chairman of the board

PokerStars Video BlogGo surfing with Team PokerStars Pros Well before Patrick Swayze made his fabled escape to Australia in the movie “Point Break”, Oz has been the destination of choice for surfers world over. Is it any surprise then, that our Tae-Kwon Do practicing, Bungee–jumpingTeam PS Pros decided to hit...more

APPT Sydney: Table break is ace for Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen has risen to the occasion in pursuit of the APPT Grand Final title, as the Thursday evening crowd rolls in, by doubling up after the dinner break.Scotty Nguyen doubles upThere are no doubts at all in who has the most support this evening, with the large majority...more

APPT Sydney: Potter weaves some magic

"All in" has been the catchcry from the tournament floor as players resumed for level 9 with the blinds at 500/1000 (100 ante). The field is gradually diminishing, with 81 runners left and many players finding their hand forced at this big blind level.Lee Nelson and James Potter have found...more

APPT Sydney: Smooth as silk

By Sean CallanderDuring the last break, a man emerged from the crowd and asked kindly if we could send a message to his family in the USA via the PokerStars blog. And so we made acquaintances with Sam Silk – originally from Philadelphia, now resident in New Jersey.Sam SilkHe can...more

APPT Sydney: Dinner break on Day 1B

Franciscus Dekkers showed he is far from a one-trick pony and doesn't need pocket aces or a set on the flop to accumulate chips! Dekkers dropped as low as 50k last level, but regathered and ran a stone cold bluff to take down a big pot and put himself in...more

APPT Sydney: Kagawa KOed

We've just advanced to Level 8 with the blinds at 400/800 (100 ante) and PokerStars player Masa Kagawa has been eliminated. Kagawa lost his final 20k on a busted club flush draw. Masa Kagawa eliminatedElsewhere, Lee Nelson continues to assert his authority on the field and has gone to 70k...more

APPY Sydney: latest chip count

100 players are left at Level 7, with the blinds at 300/600 (75 ante).The average stack is 37k and Team PokerStars' Lee Nelson has shotabove this mark, surviving a pre-flop all-in confrontation with pocketqueens, against A Q. Nelson now has 52k and with room to playis sure to be a...more

APPT Sydney: Billy bowled over

By Sean CallanderLess than a fortnight ago, he took on and beat a world poker championand the greatest Test cricket bowler of all-time but today, he met hismatch in the APPT Grand Final.Billy Sukkar won the charity tournament played in Melbourne onNovember 30, which was hosted by his cousin...more

APPT Sydney: Dekkers leads the way

We are nearing the end of level 6 and the leader is freeroll winner Franciscus Dekkers, with a stack ofabout 90k, with the chip average at 33k.width="332" height="500" alt="Day 1b Chip Leader Francisicus Dekkers"/>Day 1b Chip Leader Francisicus DekkersCurrent Day 1b Chip Counts:Francisicus Dekkers 90k ( OnlineQualifier)Gary Diamond 90kParen...more

APPT Sydney: Lisandro eliminated

Australian professional Jeff Lisandro has been eliminated after acrippling hand holding only K3 offsuit. Lisandro flopped top pair ona king rag board, and further improved his hand to have an open-endedstraight on the turn. All to no avail on the river and Lisandro wascrippled against a player holding A K.width="166"...more

APPT Sydney: Kill Everyone ... literally

Team PokerStars' Lee Nelson taught his table a little lesson in how toplay from your big blind into a limped pot.With the blinds still at 200/400, Lee Nelson found himself facing 6limpers, for potential 7-way action. Lee quickly killed that actionand showed what he thinks about "family pots", by announcing...more

APPT Sydney: Scotty exits, and re-enters, the tournament

By Sean CallanderWe've almost lost Scotty Nguyen – literally! During the last break on Day 1B of the APPT Grand Final, the ever-popular Nguyen strolled outside to what he thought was the smoking area.However, he turned right when he should have turned left and found himself on the wrong...more

APPT Sydney: Youth versus experience at table 20

By Sean CallanderTalk about the generation gap – there's an intriguing mix at table 20 on Day 1B of the APPT Grand Final where two of the 'elder' statesmen in today's field are mixing it up with ane emerging young superstar. Team PokerStars Pro Lee 'Final Table' Nelson and...more

APPT Sydney :Play has commenced in Level 4 with the blinds at 150/300/25.

PokerStars' Japanese High Stakes player Masa Kagawa is nursing a short stack, with 9k in chips, as online qualifier Francisisicus Dekkers maintains his position as the early chip leader with 63k.Masa Kagawa Short-StackedDay 1b Approximate Chip Counts:Francisisicus Dekkers 63k ( Online Qualifier)Kenny Ng 50kLeo Boxell 36kVan Marcus 32kJulius Coleman 31kBrett...more

APPT Sydney: Sam’s smile disappears down the river

By Sean CallanderSome days are diamonds, some days are not, as the ever popular Sydneysider Sam Khouiss just found out when he became one of the first players to be eliminated on Day 1B of the APPT Grand Final.Always quick with a one-liner, Sammy has an impressive record given...more

Win your way to the Aussie Millions on PokerStars

While some of the best poker players in the world live out their dreams playing in the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Grand Final in Sydney, you now have your chance to win your way into another big event Down Under.PokerStars is now running satellites to the 2008 Aussie Millions. The...more

12 December

EPT Prague: Celebration for some, commiseration for others

It’s one the world’s most memorable creations (if used responsibly). When the Czech city of Budweis, was given Royal approval in 1265 to make the beer known as Budweiser the world changed forever. It sparked a surge in beer brands still available today with other brewers giving chase, notably in...more

EPT Prague: From the bubble to the close of play

With only 62 players left it took only twenty minutes for the bubble to burst. PokerStars player Tommy Pavlicek survived his all-in and whoops and hollers filled the air at the news that the bubble had burst, seemingly in record time with the 58th and 57th places finishers eliminated within...more

EPT Prague: PokerStars qualifiers making a run on the money

Sebastian Zink, his twin brother Daniel on the rail (it’s emerged they’re known as pocket- zinks), just got a boost to his hopes of cashing. An all-in bet pre-flop found Steven Devlin thinking over a call. He wanted a count and Sebastian set his chips out in a manner that...more

EPT Prague: Britt looking for birthday cheer

85 players are left, 29 away from the money, with blinds at 800/1600 with a 200 ante.Britt Petersen arrives at her new table with 30,600. “Hello” she says, showing a smile. She’s been drinking bottles of beer since this morning but it seems like a genuine ‘hello’ and that she’s...more

EPT Prague: Double up for PokerStars poker twins

Yesterday I wasn’t quite sure, today I know for a fact. There are twins at the EPT Prague and what’s more they both qualified on PokerStars and both made it through to day 2.Sebastian and Daniel Zink are at least easy to pick out from the crowd, even though they...more

EPT Prague: Records to break

Like all sports poker has its records to be set and smashed without remorse. Who has the highest cash ranking without a tournament win, most final tables, the most money, the most cashes, the nation with the most winners(*)? It’s all in there somewhere on the EPT database for anyone...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Day 1 Flight 1 Complete

Day 1, Flight 1 of the inaugural APPT Grand Final in Sydney has concluded, with a quiet and tentative final 15 minutes of play.30 players remained on a day claiming several of the event's feature players including 2003 and 2004 World Champions Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer. Flight 1 also...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Aces come back to haunt Luigi

Some may say it's a case of justice, or at best, variance, but neither is any help to former chip leader and Online Qualifier Luigi Apreda who has just taken a hit to his big stack.Apreda was unable to crack aces this time round, with Michael Zowie cashing in on...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Luigi Strikes Again

"Make sure you include the word 'luckbox'", was the word from disgruntled railbirds and supporters, as former chip leader Luigi Apreda struck again, this time cracking pocket aces held by a local player in one of his first hands played in Level 12 - the final blind level of the...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Final level of Day 1, Flight 1 Nearing

We are approaching the end of Level 11 of Flight 1 with the blinds at 800/1600/200ante. 37 runners remain on 4 tables, with an average stack of 92k.Chip leader Terrence Chan was recently happy to lose a minimal amount in a 3-way pot with a player already all-in. Terrence openly...more

EPT Prague: First level casualties

I’d tried to get the word in its original German but my translation attempts failed, but it was something like “finished” and it came from the mouth of Katja Thater, out of the EPT Prague inside the first 15 minutes of the day. It was a combination of quick hands...more

APPT Sydney 2007: One of poker’s most famous surnames

By Sean CallanderLuigi A’Preda is the new chip leader on the first flight of Day 1 in the APPT. Most of the way into level 10 (600/1200 with a 200 ante), A’Preda has 250,000. But close behind are Grant Levy and Terrence Chan, who just tangled in a big...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Shoe adds shine to Star City poker

By Sean CallanderEach event on the APPT has had its own quirks, and Star City has already been recognised for the use of a unique device to help deal the cards.Instead of dealing the cards by hand, the dealers use what can best be described as cutdown version of...more

EPT Prague: Day two, and things are about to get interesting

Day two is here on a grey day in Prague, the day when decisions have to be made and a new reality sets in. Heroics on day one to make it to this stage are all well and good, but if that heroism brought you here with a handful of...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Levy lands another monster

By Sean CallanderIt’s dinner-time here at Star City Casino where just 61 of the 179 players who started flight 1 of day in the APPT Grand Final are still in the running.Once play resumes, there will be four more levels before paly ends for the day.Big stacks wield power,...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Rahme eliminated with aces

By Sean CallanderAustralia and South Africa have always been great sporting rivals – whether cricket, rugby, tiddlywinks – you name it, the Aussie and the Springboks will fight for it on a sporting field.We’ve just seen the latest manifestation of this rivalry in the APPT Grand Final with the...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Ziv Bacher among the chip leaders

Despite the abundance of powerful stacks on table 13, 2007 APPT Seoul champion Ziv Bachar has quietly gone about his work, accumulating a big stack to put himself among the chip leaders.Ziv BacharWith the Blinds at 400/800/100, Bachar has won a number of small pots and now has over 100k...more

APPT Sydney 2007: The Man In The Hat

By Sean CallanderToday’s award for the most unlikely line you’ll here from a poker player came from veteran Sydney poker player Alex Rosser: “I’m usually up at 5am every day to go swimming, just like I did this morning.”5am, that’s the time that hardcore players are starting to think about...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Terrence Chan scoops a 3-way pot

Winner of the $1600 NLHE Preliminary event Terrence Chan has won a big pot to go to around 75k in chips. Terrence ChanChan raised to 1600 in mid position, and was called by the player in the cutoff position. In a remarkable event the action (directed by the dealer) then...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Players return from another short break

96 Players have returned from another 10 minute break.The (Level 7) blinds are now at 300/600, with the average stack at 35,462.Two players with "average" stacks are PokerStars online qualifiers Jeremy Kemp from Canada with about 35k in chips, and Luigi Apreda, who went to the break with a 33k...more

APPT Sydney 2007: 100 Left in Flight 1 as chip leaders collide

"Lucky" Table 13 it seems! PokerStars Pro and WSOP 2007 "placegetter" Raymond Rahme has found little comfort with his 100k+ stack, as four of the tournament's early chip leaders do battle. Angelo Tringas has just arrived at the table with 80k... A table already including Rahme (105k), Tony Dunst (80k)...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Moneymaker OUT!

Team PokerStars has lost another player, with 2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker eliminated. Moneymaker was crippled earlier (to about 7k in chips) holding pocket Queens, bumping into quad Kings.In 3-way (pre-flop) all-in action, the severely shortstacked Moneymaker committed his last chips with KQ, but was behind from the outset, as...more

APPT Sydney 2007: I’m Bond, Bond18!

By Sean CallanderGeorge Dunst has almost as many aliases as Fletch – some know him as Lucky TonyD, others just as Tony just he’s probably best known by the online tag ‘Bond18’.One of the best known and most popular posters on Twoplustwo, Dunst has charged to within reach of Team...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Rahme consolidates his position

The players have returned from a 10 minute break, at Level 5, with blinds at 200/400(25). Raymond Rahme remains the chip leader, currently sitting with over 100k in chips. When prompted regarding his quick accumulation of chips and asked "where his stack came from", the popular PokerStars pro said: "from...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Heart sends hometown hero out

By Sean CallanderEric Assadourian has been one of the most successful players on the local tournament scene for the past 18 months, but his hopes of adding the APPT Grand Final trophy are over.The 28-year-old, who won the $15,000 APPT High Roller event in Macau less than a month...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Early Chip Count

Mid-way through Level 4 with the Blinds at 150/300 (25 Ante) and Chris Moneymaker has almost doubled his starting stack, with Macau High Roller champion Eric Assadourian nursing a short stack early.Raymond Rahme $52kTino Lechich $48kNick Nicolaou $42kChris Moneymaker $34kEric Assadourian $6k138 Runners on 14 Tables Remain...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Raymer out, Rahme up

By Sean CallanderThe antes have started as Level 3 kicks-off after the first break on Day 1 (Flight 1) of the APPT Grand Final. Today’s field is 179, which should help take the field well in excess of 500 players – a fantastic result for the first major international...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Didgeri-who?

By Sean CallanderMore than 170 players have taken their seats on Day 1, Flight 1 in the APPT Grand Final at Star City Casino.It was an unusually early start for players – the breakfast buffet was getting a workover ahead of the 10.30am start.We’ve just had a traditional welcome...more

APPT Sydney 2007: Sharks are circling in pursuit of million-dollar prize

By Sean CallanderAustralians are used to travelling vast distances on their overseas travels – it’s a 14-hour flight to Los Angeles and more than 20 hours to reach any location in Western Europe.Despite the marathon journey to Sydney, it’s amazing to watch the faces of the players arriving in reception...more

11 December

EPT Prague: The trials of day 1b

The Czech writer Franz Kafka wrote his share of great works. The Trial about a man arrested for a crime he’s not aware of, The Castle about the bureaucratic abuse of power, and Metamorphosis, about a man waking up transformed into a giant insect. Well, not much to compare...more

EPT Prague: When you're smiling...

The end of day 1b is closing in. Whilst Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano has gone Romanian PokerStars qualifier Ionut Dinescu, also known as Claudiu, shows signs of enjoying himself in the closing stages of the day. And why not? The man from Bucharest is about to complete the first...more

EPT Prague: In the thick and thin of it

Luca Pagano’s day has been the rollercoaster type. More than that, a rollercoaster without safety belts and dodgy welding on the loops. But, he’s still here. The thing is it doesn’t seem to be any easier. After re-raising a bet for over a quarter of his stack his opponent then...more

EPT Prague: It's not over till it's over

If you want to find out a little more about the EPT Prague, what it looks like from a PokerStars qualifier’s point of view, interviews, features, news and even a glimpse of this here blogger, check out the EPT video blog here.Meanwhile one of the most popular professionals on the...more

EPT Prague: Team PokerStars taking it to the opposition

555 is the total number of entrants, shattering previous expectations. But one player not headed towards ultimate victory is Thor Hansen. The Norwegian was sent to the rail by a young player who turned apologetic as Thor stood, perhaps overly so. Thor, the professional, put the boy at ease, wishing...more

EPT Prague: A look across the card room

Team PokerStars pros Luca Pagano and Dario Minieri are here but have seemingly swapped playing styles. Luca the considered and patient pro is getting into every pot, whilst Dario, the young genius mad-man is patiently folding each hand. Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano They sit separately but the draw has...more

EPT Prague: Wall to wall on day 1b

As far as Christmas tourism in the Czech Republic goes, Prague is the main nerve. A superhighway of anything festive packed into the biggest Christmas market in Prague, running across ‘Staromestske namesti’ in the old part of town. Everything festive is on offer, food, drink, trinkets and more drink. Kids...more

10 December

EPT Prague: End of day 1a chip counts

Adrian Foy leads at the end of day 1a, bagging 115,500 tonight. Only he and Maciej Mazur have over 100k, Mazur finishing with 104,300. Swede Hans Eskilsson looks to have an afternoon free for shopping tomorrow.A few of the final chips counts from today:Adrian Foy – Germany – 115,500Maciej Mazur...more

EPT Prague: The incredible lightness of day 1a

It seems fitting to end the day with a reference to something relevant to the host town. Milan Kundera may have lived in the Czech Republic’s second city of Brno, but his stories sit well with the life of a tournament poker player.In ‘The incredible lightness of being’ Kundera wrote...more

EPT Prague: No time to rest in level eight

Some players begin to wind down, others find time for another hand before bedtime.Katja Thater was almost caught out, calling an all-in by the young player next to her with Q-T of hearts against pocket Kings. The flop brought hearts, so did the turn and river, good enough for the...more

EPT Prague: Status report at the end of level seven

I just took a quick tour of the card room to check up on today’s Bohemians left in level seven.Katja Thater holds aloft the flag of Team PokerStars. Maximillian Bassil has gone but Ken Lennaard and Richard Toth remain behind at her table. Things have gone well enough for Katja...more

EPT Prague: Players can be winners, backroom staff can be champions

Eight one hour levels to be played today, with six already completed. 24 players started, each paying the €5,000 buy-in (with registration still open for day 1b), coming from around Europe and beyond and followed closely by the media pack, a tour bus of reporters from the online, print and...more

EPT Prague: Local hero for a second time

Poker has proved popular among former sports stars. Soccer players, athletes; even tennis players like Boris Becker has joined Team PokerStars (Becker makes his EPT debut in Dortmund next month).There’s something about poker that meets their requirements for competition, a welcome boost of adrenaline with lots at stake and big...more

EPT Prague: Poker at Maximillian speed

The cardroom at the Prague Hilton Early levels can be tense as you get into the swing of things, or relaxed with blinds low enough not to concern you that much. Your approach to this can be influenced by many factors, from this being your first live event, a spell...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results (12-9-2007)

If you missed it, the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up now has a guarantee of $500,000. This week, ryanmack91 of Canada made good and took down first place. Meanwhile, Japan's CHIPFLOW won the Sunday Million outright for more than $182,000.Congratulations to all this week's winners. Final table results are below.PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up...more

EPT Prague: Check or bet in the Czech Republic

A first event of its kind greeted the Prague locals waking up this morning, although they may not all have realised it. The European Poker Tour has rolled into town, making its first stop at the Czech capital, with the task of bestowing a new crown.The sun rose over the...more

EPT Prague: Tournament eve at the EPT's newest destination

You know what it’s like. You arrive at a hotel in a new city. There’s a routine to it all. You check the room, open and close all the draws; find the bible, turn the taps on and off, press any buttons and flick through all the channels on...more

7 December

PokerStars now available for Mac users

It seems like it happened every week. Friends who knew I had friends at PokerStars would ask, "When will PokerStars put out a Mac client?" Now the answer is here.PokerStars just announced today that it has released the Mac version of its software. While still in beta mode, the Mac...more

6 December

PokerStars Sunday Warm-up now $500K Guaranteed

The PokerStars Sunday Warm just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What started out as a $215 tournament that was more friendly to early-risers and European players has now become destination poker around the world.PokerStars announced this week that the Sunday Warm-Up will now have a $500,000 guarantee every week. The...more

4 December

Lee Nelson says "Kill Everyone"

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson is already the noted co-author of the book Kill Phil. Now, he has turned his sights on...well, apparently everyone. We invited Nelson to tell us about his new effort, aimed at taking out the poker population at Lee NelsonWhen Blair Rodman, Kim Lee, and...more

3 December

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Winners (12-2-07)

Maybe it's the PokerStars Passport promotion that's running right now. Maybe it's the beginning of the new month. Maybe it's the cold weather that is starting to grip the northern hemisphere. Regardless, the PokerStars Sunday tournaments were hopping this weekend. The High Stakes showdown went off with eight players, and...more