131 - 140 APPT Manila Final Table

Filed by Sean Parisi

Hand 131: Maor Feldinger

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – Feldinger pushes all-in from the small blind and Marcus folds. Feldinger shows 3 5 offsuit.

Hand 132: Brett Parise

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – Parise raises to 110,000 and gets a call from Blumenthal. The flop is 7s 3s 10c. Parise bets 150,000 and takes the chocolates.

Hand 133: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Four-way action between Blumenthal, Marcus, Parise and Bamman. The board comes Qs 9d 4d. Blumenthal bets 150,000, Marcus raises to 650,000, the other two get out of the way and Blumenthal calls with top pair (Qh Js). Marcus has a flush draw (Ad 10d). The turn is 5c and the river 6s, missing Marcus and shipping a pot of just over 1 million in chips to Blumenthal.

Hand 134: Maor Feldinger

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Approximate chip counts are Blumenthal 1 million, Marcus 300,000, Bamman 300,000, Parise 850,000 and Feldinger 200,000. Feldinger declares all-in and takes the blinds and antes.

Hand 135: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Bamman goes all-in but gets no callers and wins the pot.

Hand 136: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – Blumenthal pops it to 200,000, and gets no interest from the blinds. He shows Kd Qd.

Hand 137: Nicholas Bamman eliminates Maor Feldinger in 5th position ($35,955)

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – Feldinger goes all-in again but this time gets a call from Bamman, who shows As 7c, against Feldinger’s Jd 9d. The flop of 5c Qs 8c misses both players, as does the 2s but a 7d gives Bamman the pot and ends the hopes of a dream tournament debut for the popular young Israeli, who’s made plenty of new friends here in Manila. That’s our first elimination in 36 hands.

Maor Feldinger at Final Table APPT Manila

Hand 138: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Latest chip count after Feldinger’s elimination is Bamman 567,000, Parise 789,000, Blumenthal 971,000 and Marcus 223,000 (average stack 637,000). Bamman sniffs at the pot from the small blind and takes the pot.

Hand 139: Brett Parise

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Action folds to the blinds and Parise takes the pot with a raise of 80,000.

Hand 140: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Blumenthal raises all-in and Marcus folds in the big blind.

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