2007 WCOOP: Event #10 Final Table Report

Poker is nothing without aggression and when players sit down at a full table, it's never clear who is going to throw the first punch. However, when two players make up the whole of the game, there is no looking around to see who is creeping up behind. It's eye-to-eye. It's an aggressive dance that ends with one player with the belt and the other on the canvas.

If full-table poker is a battle royale cage match, heads-up poker is poker's sweet science.

Nearly 1,900 people signed up to play in PokerStars WCOOP Event #10, a $530 heads-up no-limit hold'em contest. Ten rounds later, two players sat facing each other, the Ali and Frazier of the 2007 WCOOP.

As you might expect, getting to the eleventh round was a victory in itself. Both ugotmeyet? and ansuz decided they'd had almost enough. They chopped all but $17,000 of the prize money and took $65,054.00 each. That left 3% of the prize money and the WCOOP bracelet for which to battle.

Ugotmeyet? jumped out to an early lead in the first 20 hands without showing his cards, but ansuz jumped right back, winning the first showdown with trip queens and evening the score. Ugotmeyet? was not deterred. Aggression was the name of the game and within another 20 hands, he had opened up another sizable chip lead, only to give it back after ansuz moved all in on a KQ5 flop. At the first break, the players were even in chips.

After the break, ansuz proved he could give as well as he gets. He turned Ugotmeyet?'s aggressive game against him and opened up a 2-1 chip lead. Just when it looked like ansuz had his foe where he wanted him, the first big roundhouse of the match fell. Ansuz came in for a raise and Ugotmeyet? re-raised. Ansuz called and they saw a flpo of 3s6h2s. Ugotmeyet? bet out and ansuz raised all-in. Ugotmeyet? called with pocket queens to ansuz's Ts7s. Ansuz missed and Ugotmeyet? re-took the lead.

It wouldn't last for long. Ansuz flopped two pair with QT againist ugotmeyet?'s middle pair with 9T. That pot put ansuz ahead 5-1. He looked to finish ugotmeyet? off and got all-in with QT vs A5. Though he flopped a queen, ugotmeyet? rivered an ace to survive. Within another ten minutes, the stacks were even again.

At that moment, the heads-up match took on an atmosphere of an end-round prize fight, two boxers pounding each other for points, and putting themselves on the edge of destruction for the chance at a knockout. Just when one player moved ahead, the other would slam their way back to the lead.

Ugotmeyet? started his move ahead after turning a queen-high flush. It would prove to be the beginning of the end. After opening up a 2-1 chip lead, he got all-in with AJ vesus ansuz's QQ. An ace on the flop and no queen on the turn and river meant Ugotmeyet? had his first WCOOP bracelet.

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