2007 WCOOP: Event #13 Final Table Report

In this contest, push-monkeys needed not apply. They can win their bananas in another game. In PokerStars WCOOP Event #13, the game was pot-limit hold'em and that meant anyone afraid of a flop had better find another tree in which to play.

More than 1,000 people showed up on Saturday to compete for the Event #13 bracelet, an event that allowed for fantastic post-flop play and let some real poker play shine. Among all the remarkable things that happened throughout the event, one statistic stood out. Two members of Team PokerStars, ElkY and Bill Chen, had made the final table. At the very same time, another member of Team PokerStars, Lee Nelson, was fighting at the Event #12 final table.

Here's how all the final table players in Event #13 stacked up.

Seat 1: ElkY (228419 in chips)
Seat 2: SpotLIGHT19 (384068 in chips)
Seat 3: kedvedert (167596 in chips)
Seat 4: betgo (210463 in chips)
Seat 5: sh00ter (225198 in chips)
Seat 6: Bill Chen (529666 in chips)
Seat 7: Tycoon_Kid (639911 in chips)
Seat 8: antroff (159804 in chips)
Seat 9: shahmat (724875 in chips)

When the final table started, those with keen eyes could see a small sign form above the head of SpotLIGHT19. It read, "Abuse me." The poor guy couldn't catch a break. First, betgo doubled through him with QJ vs KQ on QJx flop. Then, after extended break, antroff doubled through him with KK vs. QQ.

"So sick," was all the man in the two seat could say.

He got a brief repreive when Team PokerStars' ElkY got it all-in pre-flop versus shahmat holding AJo against AKo. ElkY couldn't find the suck-out and finished in ninth place for $6257.50.

With the one-seat gone, it was lot easier to see the abuse invitation in the two-seat. Having not caught a break yet, SpotLIGHT19 was ripe for some more bad luck. He moved all his chips in pre-flop holding TT aginst sh00ter's 99.

Guess what fell on the flop?

The nine popped up, crippling the man already besieged by bad luck. He was out on the next hand when Team PokerStars' Bill Chen flopped two pair against him. SpotLIGHT19 finished in eighth place for $10,900.

As if to atone for the suckout, sh00ter was the next toface the firing squad. All-in pre-flop with AK versis kedvedert's 99, sh00ter couldn't win the race and finished in seventh place, winning $15,805.

The next exit once again put pair against pair pre-flop. Kedvedert got all his chips in with 77 versus betgo's 88. No seven could find its way onto the felt and kedvedert was out in sixth place, picking up $21,255 for his efforts.

Perhaps it was something about Team PokerStars. More likely, it was an odd little coincidence. Regardless, Bill Chen went out holding the same hand as ElkY, AJ. This time, he was up against betgo's AQ. A queen on the flop all but ended it. While he still had some straight outs going into the river, Chen didn't get there and finished in fifth place for $28,067.50.

Chen's exit began a four-handed dance that went on for some time without any serious action. Only when Tycoon_Kid doubled through betgo did the table's adrenal glands start to pulse again. Betgo went on a tear and built a nearly 3-1 chip lead over second place. When it started to look as though betgo may run away with the event, talk of a deal broke out. Rather than try to recreate the comedy at the table, I've simply pasted the chat as it happened.

StaffBryanS [Support]: 1. You must leave $16,000 on the table for the eventual winner.
StaffBryanS [Support]: 2. This is only one way of chopping the remaining prize money. You may of course continue to negotiate, of course.
StaffBryanS [Support]: Having said that..
StaffBryanS [Support]: betgo: $85,019
StaffBryanS [Support]: Tycoon_Kid: $47,247
StaffBryanS [Support]: antroff: $56,848
StaffBryanS [Support]: shahmat: $55,013

betgo: I want 90, since I am running over the table
Tycoon_Kid: lmao
antroff: i want 100k cus im a sumo

betgo: Look up betgo's stats on OPR
Tycoon_Kid: dude ur a donkament pro
Tycoon_Kid: little to no respect
betgo: this is a donkament

In the end, Tycoon_Kid had two words for the deal. "No" and "Gamble."

The end of deal talk set up a confrontation between shahmat and betgo in which they got all in with shahmat holding KJ to betgo's QQ. While betgo flopped a jack and rivered a king, the river also put the fourth spade on board, matching the queen of spades in betgo's hand. Shahmat was out in fourth place, earning $34,880.

Seconds later, Tycoon_Kid got all-in vs. antroff with AK vs. TT. He lost the race. His desire to gamble ended up costing him a little cash. Regardless, he finished with $43,600 for third place.

Heads-up, betgo had a 2-1 chip lead and turned down the offer of a deal. It only took antoff a few hands to even the score. Then betgo took the lead right back.

Therein settled an epic heads-up battle that was the longest so far in this year's WCOOP. Just when it looked like betgo had the game won, antroff battled back. Then betgo would pull ahead again. The stacks were deep, the blinds were small, and both players were fighting for the $50,000 difference between first and second place. When antroff took a slight lead, there was an ever-so-brief discussion of a deal, but it fell apart as quickly as it started,

With the deal discussions kaput, antroff took the initiative and quickly opened up a 5-1 chip lead. A few seconds later, he flopped top pair and got betgo all-in drawing to three outs. Betgo missed and, just like that, antroff was the Event #13 champion.

Here are the final table results.

2007 WCOOP Event #13 Final Table Results

1. antroff (Sweden) $117,175.00
2. betgo (United States) $64,473.50
3. Tycoon_Kid (New Zealand) $43,600.00
4. shahmat (Canada) $34,880.00
5. Bill Chen (United States) $28,067.50
6. kedvedert (Hungary) $21,255.00
7. sh00ter (United States) $15,805.00
8. SpotLIGHT19 (United States) $10,900.00
9. ElkY (France) $6,267.50

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