2007 WCOOP: Event #15 Final Table Report

There is a truth about seven-card stud that most new players to the game fail to recognize: the difference between in good and bad players is likely greater than any other game. Stud requires more than a simple understanding of math and odds. To be a successful stud player, one must have near-perfect recall. Those who don't are reduced to simple Level 1 poker play. They know what they have and hope to make it better. Without that ever-important recall, they won't have any idea of their real odds of getting there. What's more, they will have no way of knowing where there opponent is. Even worse, if you're playing against someone who maintains that perfect focus and recall, you're in even more dire shape. Not only do you don't know where you are in a hand, your opponent does. It reduces one to hoping, and hope is no way to win a poker game. Perhaps that's why stud has fallen out of popularity and and become almost a novelty in the modern poker world. It's hard and better separates the good from the bad players than hold'em.

Nearly 700 people signed up to play in the 2007 WCOOP Event $15, $320 Seven Card Stud. Unlike most other events, it took less than 12 hours to reach the final table. When the eight players got together, they might have noticed they were playing against a WCOOP bracelet holder. A little more than one week ago, spielraum.at won the WCOOP 5-Card Draw bracelet. At the time, he told us stud was his best game. This night, he made good on the statement.

Here's how the final eight measured up to each other.

Seat 1: Ubsolute (518432 in chips)
Seat 2: Lystig (293671 in chips)
Seat 3: scrubbyz (95970 in chips)
Seat 4: sascos (146888 in chips)
Seat 5: spielraum.at (379752 in chips)
Seat 6: Grape (64248 in chips)
Seat 7: Dersu Uzala (400790 in chips)
Seat 8: bull_99 (188249 in chips)

Scrubbyz started the table on the second shortest stack and was unable to recover. On his final hand, he started with 33/T and came in for a raise. Grape called with a 2 showing. Scrubbyz picked up a four on fourth street to Grape's ten. Again he bet, and again Grape called. Fifth street, a five for scrubbyz and a six for Grape, helped neither player. Still scrubbyz bet and Grape called. Sixth street is where the balance shifted. Scubbyz drew a nine and didn't improve his hand, but Grape paired his six. Now Grape bet out and scrubbyz raised all-in. Grape called the final bet. Scrubbyz didn't improve on the river and exited in eighth place for $3,967.20.

Ubsolute had a bad run in the beginning moments of the final table and lost more than half his stack. He turned it around when he picked up rolled up sixes against bull_99. By the river, bull_99 only had a pair of kings and was on life support. He managed to doubled up once, but still couldn't hold on. Three hands later, he was on the rail in seventh place, cashing for $6096.96

With bull_99's exit, the remaining six stacks were all close to even. Grape, who had been on the short-stack to begin the table had managed to catch up with his foes. With the stacks so even, discussion of a deal broke out. After a short negotiation, the players worked out a chop that guaranteed them all a five-figure payday and left $6,000 on the table for the first place.

Lystig: $18,828
sascos: $19,902
spielraum.at: $19,805
Grape: $21,011
Dersu: $22,360

After the nightly 30-minute break, play continued and went on for a few minutes before Lystig got involved in a big hand with Dersu Uzala. At the river, Lystig couldn't beat Dersu Uzala's aces-up and was eliminated in sixth place.

Two hands later, Grape bit the dust after starting with a pair of sevens versus Ubsolute's beginning pair of eights. Grape never improved and finished in fifth.

The next exit erased all hope of having a double bracelet winner. Spielraum.at had fallen below 70,000 in chips. He started with nothing, but picked up a pair of tens on fourth street. That happened to be the same time Ubsolute made two pair. Neither hand would improve and spielraum.at exited in fourth place.

After a protracted three-handed battle, Dersu Uzala eventually fell behind and dropped to lower than 200,000 chips at the 25,000/50,000 limit. With an ace in the hole and a six up, Dersu Uzala brought it in and got raised by sascos, who held a ten down and a ten up. Dersu Uzala raised and got a call. He missed on fourth street, but called a but from sascos. The scene repeated itself on fifth. Then sascos made two pair on sixth and got Dersu Uzala all-in. Dersu Uzala made a pair of aces on the river, but it was no good against two-pair and he was out in third.

Going into heads-up play, Ubsolute held a small chip lead, but after a few hands had passed the lead across the table to sascos. Over time, though, Ubsolute worked his Irish magic. In the end, he pulled a pair of aces on fifth street to best sascos' pair of fours. Obsolute won $25,000 and the Event #15 gold bracelet.

Here are the final table results.

2007 WCOOP Even #15 Final Table Report
Based on finishing order and six-way deal that left $6,000 for first place

1. Ubsolute (Ireland) $25,000.00
2. sascos (United States) $19,902.00
3. Dersu Uzala (Finland) $22,360.00
4. spielraum.at (Austria) $19,805.00
5. Grape (United States) $21,011.00
6. Lystig (Norway) $18,828.00
7. bull_99 (Netherlands) $6,096.96
8. scrubbyz (Canada) $3,967.20
9. Randers (United States) $2,088.00

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