2007 WCOOP: Event #17 Final Table Report

Six-max no-limit hold'em is all about action. Starting hand values change. Ace-rag starts to seem like a much better holding. Re-raises are a lot more common. Naked aggression is rewarded and punished in nearly every orbit.

So, after 14 hours of playing down from 2,872 players to six, one might have been able to assume the final table of the 2007 WCOOP Event #17, $320 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em, would go fast.

In fact, no. It took three and half hours go from six players down to the champion. However, that's getting ahead of ourselves a little bit. Here's how the field looked when the final six sat down.

Seat 1: Pillars (1334972 in chips)
Seat 2: PeachyMer (3065033 in chips)
Seat 3: AcEGoDD (1226016 in chips)
Seat 4: jejune524 (441688 in chips)
Seat 5: pape85 (1720515 in chips)
Seat 6: pes4fans (830776 in chips)

Jejune524 came into the final table with the shortest stack and wasted no time getting it all-in. With a little more than 400,000 in chips at the 12,500/25,000/2,500 level, Jejune524 moved all-in under the gun with AT. If jejune524 was hoping to pick up the blinds, it was a bad time for it. AcEGoDD made good on his screen name and woke up with two aces. While jejune524 flopped a gutshot draw, it didn't come in and he was out in sixth place for $11,204.70.

After the first exit, the normally action-packed game got a lot tighter. Chips moved around the table, but big showdowns weren't the order of the day for a good, long while. After a short break, PeachyMer started to pull ahead with aggressive position play and moved above $3 million in chips. Eventually, aggression go the better of her and she gave about a million chips back to her opponents. Regardless, with $2.3 million chips, PeachyMer retained the chip lead.

Even at the 20,000/40,000/4,000 level, it was evident what an amazing structure the PokerStars staff had put together. Five handed, the average stack had an M of 20, allowing for serious, deep-stacked poker play. Despite the deep stacks, a pre-flop confrontation saw Pillars get nearly a million chips in pre-flop. When pes4fans came in for a raise to 120,000, Pillars re-raised to 400,000 with pocket eights. Pes4fans put all the chips in and Pillars called. Pes4fans held pocket aces and Pillars couldn't find an eight. Pillars exited in fifth place for $19,823.70.

AcEGoDD was the next to go. The levels had gone up to 25,000/50,000/2,5000. After an earlier confrontation with PeachyMer in which AcEGoDD was forced to fold to an all-in re-raise, AcEGoDD decided to get his remaining 669,000 in pre-flop, pushing under the gun with Ah4h. PeachyMer woke up in the big blind with QQ. AcEGoDD was out in fourth place and picked up $37,061.

Three-handed, the tables started to turn and PeachyMer fell down to 1.5 million in chips, while pape85 and pes4fans both moved above 3 million. However, after going runner-runner for a full house, PeachyMer doubled through pes4fans to move back up to 2.5 million. Within a few minutes, all three players had nearly even stacks.

When the limits moved up to 40,000/80,000/8,000, PeachyMer had fallen back below two million in chips, pes4fans was in second place, and pape85 held the chip lead with 3.6 million. It got worse for PeachyMer when pes4fans turned the nut straight with 34 and got a value bet in on the river. A few hands later, pes4fans flopped two pair against pape85 and picked up another million chips.

PeachyMer, however, would not go away. She got AT all-in pre-flop against pes4fans' JJ. Pes4fans flopped a set, but a Q and K came as well to give PeachyMer the straight and the double-up.

And that's the way it would go for some while. PeachyMer would fall back, double up, fall back and double up. After pape85 doubled her up, he had less than 2 million chips and got them all-in pre-flop with KJ. He ran into pes4fan's QQ and was out in third place for $62,918.

Pes4fans had the chip lead by 2:1 going into heads-up play, but PeachyMer (saying, "girls don't do deals") had no interest in a chop, despite the nearly $70,000 difference between first and second place. By the 8am ET 15 minute break, pes4fans (who was playing from Germany) had worked his way up to a 3:1 chip lead.

Both players seemed to know exactly what they were doing heads up. It was a battle that didn't last forever, but very well could've had it not been for a chilly board. On a flop of 33Q, PeachyMer bet and pes4fans called. The turn was an ace. Again, PeachyMer bet and pes4fans called. The river was a six. This time PeachyMer put the rest of her chips in and pes4fans again called. PeachyMer held AQ to pes4fans' 53.

Conrgatulations to pes4fans and all the players who cashed in Event #17.

2007 WCOOP: Event #17 Final Table Results

1. pes4fans (Germany) $167,553.36
2. PeachyMer (United States)$98.946.12
3. pape85 (Finland) $62,918.70
4. AcEGoDD (United States) $37,061.70
5. Pillars (United States) $19,823.70
6. jejune524 (United States) $11,204.70

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