2007 WCOOP: Event #20 Final Table Report

Imagine this scene.

It's been a bloody fight on an Old West street. The shoot out has been blazing for fourteen hours and all but two of the gun fighters lay dead in the dirt. The two remaining foes are trading bullets and staring at each other across a High Noon landscape. One fighter falls, gutshot, and bleeding in the dirt. He's still breathing, but could succumb to his injuries at any moment. Maybe even resigned to his fate, the bloodied man raises his head and down the barrel of the standing cowboy's gun.


It would seem too good to be true. The gun is jammed.

Now, the bleeding man has a choice. He can empty his gun into his defenseless opponent. Or, he can say, "Oh, I'll wait. Unjam your pistol and we'll resume when you're ready."

Yeah, that kind of thing didn't happen in the Old West, and, frankly, that kind of thing doesn't happen in poker very often. In a world where angle shooters are everywhere, catching a break in poker is rare. And yet, that's what happened in Event #20 of the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker, a $530 Triple Shootout.

However, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Seven hundred and twenty nine people packed the triple shootout event. To make the final table, players would have to win two single tables in a row. These nine did just that.

Seat 1: adotlee
Seat 2: lyerly_
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB
Seat 4: Cobra234
Seat 5: Nutedawg
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock
Seat 7: THE__D__RY
Seat 8: AJunglen7
Seat 9: pannipha

With 3000 in chips and super-low blinds, there was less action at the beginning stages and more questions about the conspicuous absence of Cobra324. Apparently, he was taking a little nap and missed quite a few orbits before making it to the table. In the meantime, "Dumping"KGB jumped out to early lead after rivering a spade flush in a hand against Zock'n'Rock. Zock'n'Rock was not deterred however, and over the next half an hour managed to work his way up over 4,400 in chips.

The first huge confrontation of the third round came when lyerly_ and "Dumping"KGB were all-in pre-flop. At the 25/50 level, it would take a lot to get all the chips in the middle. No surprise then that both players had aces. Drama came up on the turn when a third spade appeared on the board. Lyerly_ held the ace of spades. No spade on the river saved "Dumping"KGB an ugly beat and play resumed.

It only took a few hands before the action monster raised its ugly head again, and this time, the ugliness prevailed. After raising and calling a re-raise from Cobra234, AJunglen7 saw a flop of Tc2c4s. When Cobra234 bet out, Ajunglen7 raised, and Cobra put him all-in. AJunglen7 couldn't have been happier to call. He'd flopped a set of fours, good enough to beat Cobra234's pair of kings. Cobra234 was out a few hands later in ninth place, cashing for $3,645.

Lyerly_ must have been a little misty about missing his freeroll a few hands earlier. Just a few hands after Cobra234 went out, Lyerly_ went head to head with adotlee. Both held AK, but lyerly_'s was suited in spades. They got it in pre-flop and saw two spades on the flop and one on the river to send adotlee out in in eighth place, a $6,561 payday.

The beginning hour of the third round had been void of big action until those hands happened. Suddenly, things were getting crazy. Witness Nutedawg raising to 241 and AJunglen7 putting him all in for another 1,000. AJunglen7 held KQ suited in spades to Nutedawg's AT. This time, all three spades fell on the flop and Nutedawg was out in seventh place. He earned $10,206.

Players took a thirty-minute break and came back to some tighter play. After ten more minutes of small action at the 50/100 level, the chip stacks looked like this:

Seat 2: lyerly_ (2508 in chips)
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB (4542 in chips)
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock (5300 in chips)
Seat 7: THE__D__RY (4585 in chips)
Seat 8: AJunglen7 (7560 in chips)
Seat 9: pannipha (2505 in chips)

Zock'n'Rock moved into the lead after playing AQ against AJunglen7's AK. While both players played the hand relatively carefully, the queen on the flop gave Zock'n'Rock the chip lead. It was a position he clearly relished. A few hands later, he called a 1350 bet from THE__D__RY on a Qc5d4c8sAs board with a pair of nines. THE__D__RY held KcJc for the busted flush draw. Zock'n'Rock's chip lead got even bigger and he held close to half the chips in play.

The final table had not yet seen a brutal suckout. THE__D__RY was the unfortunate victim of the first. Lucky enough to get pocket aces all-in against lyerly_'s AcQc, THE__D__RY likely threw up in his mouth a little when he saw the flop 9TJ with two clubs. The turn meant nothing, but the river was a king, filling in lyerly_'s straight and sending THE__D__RY out in sixth place with a $14,580 cash.

Pannipha had not been playing a lot of hands, but by this point also didn't have a ton of chips. When he came over the top of an AJunglen7 raise, he didn't have enough chips to force a fold. While Pannipha held AK, AJunglen7's Q4 turned a four and sent Pannipha out in fifth place. He picked up $20,047.

Here's what the chip stacks looked like after the hand:

Seat 2: lyerly_ (4953 in chips)
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB (1897 in chips)
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock (12190 in chips)
Seat 8: AJunglen7 (7960 in chips)

On the short-stack, "Dumping"KGB was looking for a chance to double up. When Zock'n'Rock came in for a raise, "Dumping"KGB pushed with AT. He was in bad shape. Zock'n'Rock held pocket queens. "Dumping"KGB didn't improve and finished in fourth place for $27,337.

Three-handed play was tough, but did not see an exit before the next break. Zock'n'Rock had moved his chip stack above the 15,000 mark. AJunglen7 was in second place with 6,400. Lylerly_ was not too far behind with 4,700. When the players returned from break, they faced 100/200 blinds.

Within a few hands after play resumed, the shorter stacks went to war. AJunglen7 raised from the button, lyerly_ re-raised from the small blind. After thinking for a bit, Ajunglen7 pushed and lyerly_, who had moved up to second place in chips, called with pocket tens. AJunglen7 called with A9, a hand rendered useless after a ten came on the flop. AJunglen7 was out in third place and cashed for $36,450.

Seat 2: lyerly_ (10693 in chips)
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock (16307 in chips)

Zock'n'Rock quickly chipped up to 18,000 and kept the aggression on. Lylerly_, however, would not back down. He waited for his spot and then bet out on a Jh 9c 3d flop. Zock'n'Rock raised and lyerly_ moved all-in. Zock'n'Rock thought for a second before folding and moving lyerly_ up above 12,000 in chips. Just a few hands later, though, he gave all of it back after Zock'n'Rock flopped trip eights and rivered a full house.

The players then settled into a chip-passing rhythm that would've been hypnotic if not for the money on the line. Just when the rail started to get dreamy, the first huge confrontation hit. Zock'n'Rock held 66 to lyerly_'s pocket nines. Lyerly_'s hand held up, and for the first time, he held the chip lead. Now, it was his turn to turn up the aggression. After an entire game on the offensive, Zock'n'Rock was set back on his heels and suddenly had only 7,000 chips.

What might have turned into a quick bloodbath soon came to a standstill as lyerly_ lost his internet connection. This was the moment in which Zock'n'Rock had a choice. He could blind lyerly_ out or he could exhibit something far too rarely seen in poker: sportsmanship.

Only six hands went by before Zock'n'Rock asked tournament adminstrators to pause the event. As the rail waited, this appeared in the chat box.

StaffBryanS [Supervisor]: We have reached lyerly on the phone. He is dashing to a friend's house. Approximately 15-20 minutes, okay?

Zock'n'Rock: well alright, I hope I dont fall asleep by then. Gonna make some more coffee heh.

Twenty more minutes passed before lyerly_ re-appeared and said, "Thank you for the respect and consideration."

In a Western made by Disney, these two men would've stood up from the ghost town dust and headed to the saloon for a root beer. However, Disney doesn't cotton to poker and poker tournaments don't end with two people standing.

With lyerly_'s virtual gun un-jammed, the fight resumed, and it was short. Zock'n'Rock's dying gasp was an all-in bluff with 63. It ran directly into lyerly_'s pocket sevens and never caught up.

While Zock'n'Rock finished in second, his sportsmanship alone gained him respect, something a poker player simply can't buy. So, respect to Zock'n'Rock and congratulations to lyerly_ for winning Event #20 of the World Championship of Online Poker.

2007 WCOOP: Event #20 Final Table Results

1. lyerly_ (United States) $76,545.00
2. Zock'n'Rock (Germany) $51,030.00
3. AJunglen7 (United States) $36,450.00
4. "Dumping"KGB (United States) $27,337.50
5. pannipha (United Kingdom) $20,047.50
6. THE__D__RY (United States) $14,580.00
7. Nutedawg (United States) $10,206.00
8. adotlee (United States) $6,561.00
9. Cobra234 (Denmark) $3,645.00

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