2007 WCOOP Event #5 Results

It may not have been the longest tournament in PokerStars history, but it was certainly the longest in the history of the World Championship of Online Poker. It took more than 20 hours to finish WCOOP Event #5, a $3 million no-limit hold'em affair that pitted more than 6,000 of the world's top players against each other in a battle for a huge first place prize. At the end, the top two players chopped up more than half a million prize money.

A full report will be out in a while. In the meantime, here are the final table results.

2007 WCOOP Event #5 Results
Based on finishing order and two-way chop that left $150,000 for the winner

1. AB_illusive (Denmark) $398,649.93
2. taktloss47 (Germany) $260,184.82
3. glynda (United States) $162,373.75
4. wNwNw1 (Finland) $126,525.00
5. Bill Ivey (United States) $96,701.25
6. fredmainiac (Germany) $69,287.50
7. dankhank (United States) $49,706.25
8. debrisfish (Italy) $30,125.00
9. 666 INRI (Germany) $18,677.50

Full 2007 WCOOP Event #5 Results

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