2007 WCOOP: Interview with Event #2 winner spielraum.at

When we saw the screen name spielraum.at, we knew it seemed familiar. So did the name behind the winner of Event #2 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. As it turned out, spielraum.at as appeared on this blog's pages before. Last time we ran across him, it was the 2005 World Cup of Poker. He was representing Team Austria. Now, Florian Oberauer is a WCOOP bracelet-holder.

Florian Oberauer

Q. When you're not busy winning WCOOP bracelets, what do you do with your time?

Oberauer: I am 33. I like to travel very much. I qualified for a Magic pro-tour in San Diego this summer. So, I went to Las Vegas with some friends. I lived in a ranch with all the German poker pros for two weeks this summer and played lots of Chinese Poker.

Q. Tell us about was it like to make a final table at WCOOP and finish as well as you did?

Oberauer: Its a very exciting experience to play more than 14 hours in a tourney and finally own all chips, but not really because of the money. I really wanted this bracelet. World champion in Wild West poker...NICE!

Q. How long have you been playing poker?

Oberauer: More than 20 years

Q. How long have you been playing at PokerStars?

Oberauer: Since 2004

Q. Is there anybody you look up to in the poker world?

Oberauer: I am a fan of Sigi Stockinger

Q. Besides poker, do you do anything else professionally?

Oberauer: I have 3 Magic: The Gathering shops in Salzburg, Vienna, and, Berlin.

Q. You won more than $20,000 playing a game few people play. What are you going to do with the cash?

Oberauer: It just boosts my bankroll. This is my biggest win to date.

Q. What is your best poker game?

Oberauer: Heads-up and 7-card stud.

Q. Was there any particular moments in the tournament when you thought, "I'm going to make the final table?"

Oberauer: After I survived the first two hours, although I lost four times with a set against a higher set, I was sure luck would turn around.

Q. If you have a basic poker philosophy, what is it?

Oberauer: Courage has to be honored.

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