2007 WCOOP: TheV0id wins $1.2 million in main event

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is appointment poker every year for the world's serious players. It is the third richest tournament series--live or online--in the entire world (only behind the World Series and WPT championship). It is the biggest online tournament series anywhere in the ethereal world of internet poker. Finally, the main event--unlike any online event of its kind--gave the winner the chance to be an instant poker millionaire.

And that's exactly what happened in the 2007 WCOOP main event.

Nearly 3,000 players signed up on Sunday to play in the $2,500 WCOOP main event. The prize pool nearly touched $7.5 million. The posted first prize was almost $1.4 million. On Monday morning, the players neared the final table and at that moment there was nothing bigger going on anywhere in the poker world.

When the final table bubble burst, nine players sat down to fight for the $3.7 million on the table. Among them was Team PokerStars' Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso, and several other top players from the poker world.

Seat 1: LadyMaverick (2620233 in chips)
Seat 2: mpg1000 (18764293 in chips)
Seat 3: Fischer80 (4806266 in chips)
Seat 4: HelmetSky (4387588 in chips)
Seat 5: nitbuster (3574607 in chips)
Seat 6: ka$ino (8945334 in chips)
Seat 7: E-Daddie (4751160 in chips)
Seat 8: mao15 (3611592 in chips)
Seat 9: TheV0id (8498927 in chips)

The final nine started off at the 65000/130000/13000 level and, in the early going, mpg1000 was using the chip lead to his advantage, squeezing the shorter stacks out of pots and building his lead without seeing flops.

The first major confrontation saw TheV0id clash with E-Daddie. E-Daddie came in for a raise to 520,000 and The V0id raised him back to 1,170,000. E-Daddie came back for another raise and TheV0id--who had E-Daddie covered--pushed all-in. E-Daddie called with pocket queens to see TheV0id's tens. The ladies held up and E-Daddie got a key early double-up.

Shortly thereafter we saw the first elimination of the final table. Mpg1000 had come in for a raise to 350,000 and Fischer80 put the rest of his four million chips in the middle with pocket jacks. Ka$ino called and mpg1000 got out of the way. Ka$ino held KK and flopped his set on a TcQcKs board. Fisher80 needed a nine or ace, but missed and was out in ninth place, earning $59,960.

On the shortstack, Rousso was looking for a chance to double up. It came in the form of aces on the button. After coming in for a raise, she saw mpg1000 put her all-in. Rousso called in a shot to see mpg1000's pocket sevens. Rousso's aces flopped a set and pushed her over four million in chips.

After a few more hands, players took a break. After eighteen hours of play, a quick walk and a cup of coffe were likely what they needed. When they came back, they sat to to 80000/160000/16000 blinds.

A few hands into the new level of play, Ka$ino moved into the chip lead. After picking up a few smaller pots, he played a nearly three million chip pot with mpg1000 on an all-spade king-high flop. When mpg1000 bet into it, ka$ino put in a sizable raise and mpg1000 folded. For the first time at the final table, mpg1000 was without his top spot on the leaderboard.

Nitbuster soon began a trip up through the chip-stacks. After playing quietly for the first hour or so, he ramped up the aggression. After calling TheV0id's raise in the big blind, nitbuster check-raised TheV0id all-in on a 9h Kd Ah flop. TheV0oid thought for a good, long while before mucking his hand. The pot was worth nearly three million chips and nitbuster had worked his way up over the six million mark. Just a few hands later, he moved over the eight million mark after betting into Rousso on a 6c9hAd7d board and taking down the pot.

TheV0id, who had been the chip leader for a while before the final table, soon began working back up. The first order of business was raising from late position and then pushing all-in after mpg1000 re-raised out of the blinds. Mpg1000 eventually folded and TheV0id was up over seven million. He gave some of it back soon thereafter, though. After nitbuster limped into the pot and ka$ino did the same, TheV0id raised to 1.2 million. While TheV0id might have suspected there was a chance nitbuster was a limp re-raise, he likelyy didn't expect it out of ka$ino. And yet, that's what k$ino did, raising enough to get TheV0id all-in. The result? A fold, putting ka$ino above the 20 million chip mark.

The blinds moved up to 100000/200000/10000, and moved HelmetSky to get his stack in with AK pre-flop. He got action from E-Daddie's AJ. No jack came on board and HelmetSky doubled up.

While TheV0id might have given up some chips in the earlier hand, a few hands later, it came time to send an opponent packing. Mao15 was down to 2.7 million chips and open-pushed with pocket eights. TheV0id had pocket kings, pushed to isolate, and picked up the pot. Mao15 finished in eighth place, for $103,431.

Rousso had fallen back below two million chips and open-pushed with AQ. Nitbuster played his pocket kings and was looking good to bust the member of Team PokerStars. The flop came Q77 and opened up a couple more outs for Rousso. Her ace hit on the turn and she was back up to 3.7 million.

HelmetSky proved to be E-Daddie's downfall. A few minutes later, they got it all-in pre-flop with HelmetSky holding AK to E-Daddie's AQ. While E-Daddie turned a diamond draw, he missed on the river and finished in seventh place. He was awarded $163,931 for his efforts.

Nitbuster had already been the victim of the small suckout against Rousso. That one will probably never come to mind again, because the next one put him out in sixth place. He sat in the small blind with six million chips. When TheV0id came in for a raise to 550,000, nitbuster pushed back for 2.6 million. TheV0id thought for a bit before pushing all-in for nitbuster's entire stack. Nitbuster called with AsQs. TheV0id held...AhJc. Right in the door was the Js. Nitbuster had an open-ended draw by the turn, but missed on the river and headed for the virtual exit with a $232,345 prize.

That hand put TheV0id right back in contention for first place. He ended the hand with only 2 million fewer chips that ka$ino.

Seat 1: LadyMaverick (3959932 in chips)
Seat 2: mpg1000 (11424060 in chips)
Seat 4: HelmetSky (8066408 in chips)
Seat 6: ka$ino (19097300 in chips)
Seat 9: TheV0id (17412300 in chips)

After a short break, the blinds moved up to 125000/250000/25000, and Rousso found a quick double-up. In a battle of the blinds, TheV0id put Rousso all-in. She called in a flash with 99. TheV0id held Q7. Rousso turned a set and rivered a full house to move up to 6.2 million. That hand and one a couple orbits later against ka$ino dropped TheV0id down to around 10 million.

Ka$ino, meanwhile, could not be stopped. Over the course of the next twenty minutes, he worked his way up to 28 million in chips, largely without showing his hand. When he did finally turn over his cards, it was to show mpg1000 AK in a 17 million chip pot...pre-flop. MPG1000 held KQ with the queen of clubs. Three clubs were on board by the turn, but mpg1000 missed on the river and was out in fifth place, earning $307,295.

Just a few minutes later, HelmetSky lost a big race against TheV0id. It was QQ for HelmetSky and AK for TheV0id, all-in pre-flop. An ace fell on the turn and HelmetSky couldn't find a queen on the river. He went out in fourth place, a $382,235 payday.

Rousso was the next to go. Aftr calling a raise in the big blind, she flopped two pair with her 3c6c. She check-called the flop. A second spade came on the turn and both players checked. A third spade came on the river. This time, Rousso bet out and ka$ino put her all-in. Ka$ino held 9s2s for the flush. Rousso's third place finish earned her $463,940.

Going into heads-up play at 12:10pm ET, the blinds sat at 150000/300000/30000. Ka$ino held a nearly 3:1 chip lead.

Seat 6: ka$ino (44141724 in chips)
Seat 9: TheV0id (15818276 in chips)

Half an hour into heads up play, there had only been on major swing. TheV0id worked his way up to 27 million in chips after flopping a pair of aces and getting paid. After a short break, the players resumed at 200000/400000/40000.

Seat 6: ka$ino (34691724 in chips)
Seat 9: TheV0id (25268276 in chips)

A very odd hand arrived after the break in which the players poked and prodded at each other on a 5QQ flop. The turn was a deuce and TheV0id bet 1.8 million. Ka$ino called. The river was a ten and TheV0id bet a curious one million chips into a nearly seven million chip pot. TheV0id called with K2 to beat TheV0id's bluff. TheV0id responded with:

TheV0id: omg
TheV0id: wasnt supposed to bet that
TheV0id: so hard to see with all the millions

A few hands later, ka$ino had his biggest lead of the tournament, holding 46 million chips. Then came the big swing. After both checking the flop, the players were looking at a board of 7c 5c Kd 6d. Ka$isno check-raised and TheV0id pushed all in. Ka$ino called to see he was in bad shape. While he held 56 for two pair, TheV0id had K5. For at least a moment, TheV0id had the lead.

Seat 6: ka$ino (29123448 in chips)
Seat 9: TheV0id (30836552 in chips)

It would only take a few minutes for ka$ino to get it all back On the river, he bet into a 8d Js Qc Qd 6s board and TheV0id laid down his hand, giving up a 17 million chip pot. Still, the tables refused to stop turning, and a few hands later, it was all-in pre-flop with TheV0id holding pocket sevens to ka$ino's AQ. The pair held up and The V0id took over as chip leader.

Before long, the stacks had evened up. After a little more than an hour of heads-up play, the event had become a heads-up sit and go for a difference of nearly $700,000 in prize money. To the amazement of many people watching, there came not even a mention of a deal. With the big money still on the table, the next huge 18 million chip pot slid to TheV0id. Only then did ka$ino mention any sort of business.

ka$ino: want to do a 100k save
ka$ino: for second place?
ka$ino: blinds getting bigger
TheV0id: well not now when im in front
TheV0id: :)
ka$ino: ok

In front and marching, TheV0oid started hitting some flops and picking up some pairs. Before long, TheV0id was up to 45 million. The lead lasted another ten minutes when the first real ugly hand appeared. They got it all in on a Qs Td Kh flop. Ka$ino had flopped a set of kings to TheV0id's J9 for a straight. The board paired queens on the river, though, and ka$ino jumped back into the lead with his full house. It lasted until TheV0id flopped trip tens and picked up a 14 million chip pot to retake the lead.

A couple of hands later, the stacks were basically even and the idea of a save was re-visited. And so it was. After a brief discussion, the players decided to award $850,782.50 for second and $1,228,330.50 for first. When the players reached the two hour mark of heads up play, TheV0id held 37 million chips to ka$ino's 22 million. A few minutes after the break, TheV0id moved back up to 44 million after making two pair with queens and nines vs ka$ino's AJ on a AKQ9x board. That big lead lasted all of one hand. Ka$ino flopped a set of fours and got paid on the river to move back close to even.

The tournament has nearly been running for 22 hours. Even the toughest among the railbirds wondered how...no, if it would end. Like a flash of heat lightning on a hot night, the final hand came from nowhere and ended the tournament with a $1.2 million clap of thunder. With the blinds at 300000/600000/60000, TheV0id came in for a raise to 1.4 million. Ka$ino re-raised to 4.4 million. The V0id pushed all-in and got an instant call from ka$ino. TheV0id held KsQh to ka$ino's AcKd. The flop, 3cJhTs, was foreboding. The turn was a quick reprieve from what now seemed inevitable. The river was the thing...the nine of spades, giving the straight and the WCOOP championship to TheV0id.

After two and half weeks, 23 events, and nearly $25 million in prize money, the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker ended by awarding the first ever $1 million prize to the winner, TheV0id.

Congratulations to all the players who cashed in this year's WCOOP. Final table results for the main event are below.

2007 WCOOP Event #23 Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and $150,000 save for second place

1. TheV0id (United Kingdom) $1,228,330.50
2. ka$ino (United States) $850,782.50
3. LadyMaverick (United States) $463,940.50
4. HelmetSky (Israel) $382,245.00
5. mpg1000 (United States) $307,295.00
6. nitbuster (United States) $232,345.00
7. E-Daddie (United States) $163,391.00
8. mao15 (United States) $103,431.00
9. Fischer80 (Denmark) $59,960.00

Full 2007 WCOOP Main Event Results

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