2007 World Series: Part 2 - $5,000 PL Hold'em Final Table

Part 1

And so, Alan Jaffray's hat. B.J.'s crack reporting revealed that Spencer Sun wore it when he won the Tournament of Champions six or seven years ago. Jaffray's face somehow reminds me of the John Prine song, "Illegal Smile" as the cards get tossed around the table. The hat and its red flower are a talisman for Jaffray. I was left to wonder if maybe he didn't read the instructions.

About fifteen minutes after the first break, Jaffray came in for a raise, only to have Gavin Griffin re-raise. Folded back to Jaffray, he moved all-in. Gavin, paying no heed to the flower power on Jaffray's head, called in an instant.

Jaffray revealed AhJc. Gavin held two black kings. The board offered precious little drama and Jaffray smiled his way toward the cage to collect his ninth place winnings, $31,800

As he shuffled toward the door, a lady called out from the rail, "How much for the flower?"


With Jaffray's departure, the action took a powder. Even the rowdy rail had grown tired of the monotony and started playing props on the players cards and paying each other off with money and/or drinks of the official beer of the World Series. To be young and in Las Vegas...

I began to think that maybe even ESPN is bored. With yet another uncontested pot in the books, ESPN stopped the action so it could turn and tape the awarding of the bracelet from this morning's Seven Card Stud event. Told it will only take two minutes, the players rolled their eyes and head for the bathroom. Ten minutes later, play resumed to the same slow action as before...or did it? Something was about to happen.

That something started when Gavin, Keith, and Jeff saw a flop of 8s6c7h.

Gavin bet out 150,000 and Keith moved all-in for 215,000. Jeff Lissandro then went into the tank.

Keith implored Jeff, "Don't do it!"

And then Lisandro did. He moved all-in. Gavin, with a bit of disgust in his eyes, folded.

Keith held TsTc to Jeff's QcQd.

Maybe it's an Aussie thing. I've seen Joe Hachem turn his back on the table when he can't bare to watch. Lisandro did Hachem one better. He disappeared completely. His disappearing act was not needed. The turn and river blanked out and Keith exited in eighth place.

With seven players remaining, the chip counts looked like this


Now the players were ready for action. Humberto came in for a raise. When Jeff re-raised, Humberto threw his thumb toward the lights on the ceiling. It would be an all-in raise. Jeff called.

Humberto: AsQd
Jeff: Ad3d

On a flop of 7d7h5c, Humberto begged the dealer, "Queeeeeeeeeen!"

He didn't get a queen, but he didn't see a three either. The turn was a jack of clubs.

Humberto yelled, "Ocho!"

Again, he didn't get what he was asking for, but the ten of hearts on the river didn't hurt him.

Humberto raised his arms into the air and flashed the red LED light in his shark's mouth. Jeff's Aussie buddies were unimpressed and moved to actually boo.

Humberto, now in second place, has 820,000 chips. When the Aussie booed again, Humberto turned, showed them his shark, and returned, "Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!"

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