2007 World Series: A fad, indeed

This morning, as I was preparing for what is sure to be a long day, I got a voicemail message from a guy I haven't heard form in more than two years. I was sure Greenwood Phil had dropped off the face of the earth. And maybe he has. All I know is that he and 2,627 other people showed up today to play a $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em event.

With all the hand wringing I've seen from people who insisted poker was a fad and on the way out, I think today is a little fun. As I elbowed my way through the crowd, I found:

  • Some guy I used to play with in underground games
  • A guy who I met at a party in Philadelphia two years ago and hadn't seen since
  • My old boss
  • 2,600 other people who want to win a World Series bracelet

    The crowd is so big today, the tournament is still running outside in the Poker Tent/Barn/Pavilion.

    World Series overflow

    "It's hot," Noah Boeken said. Still, just before the break, Boeken jumped from 1,000 in chips to 5,000, so he can put up with the heat for a bit. Still, he said, "My table is the last to break." So, he'll be there for a while.

    Team PokerStars' Noah Boeken playing in the overflow area

    Supernova RaiNKhAN in the main room

    Team PokerStars ElkY playing near the rail in the main room

    I remember a few years back when the World Series fields started getting big. A relative of mine said, "Five years from now, nobody will be playing poker." At the time I laughed.

    And today, I laughed again.

    Brad Willis
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