2007 World Series: A new day

At long last, we have just begun Day 2 of the 2007 World Series. Sure, it's going to be a two-day Day 2, but that's not nearly as long as the four-day Day 1. What's more, we're now entering the stage in which every pot becomes more important and in which we will really start to get a feel for who is going to go deep.

Day 2 here represents the coming together of everyone who finished Days 1A and 1B. Among the people we'll be watching today with huge stacks are Jeff "mrrain" Banghart (186,500), Davidi Kitai (164,700) Jason Welch (160,500), John Duthie (151,300), Daniel Makowsky (148,300), Barry Greenstein (93,600), not to mention everyone else who made it through their fist day (see the PokerStars World Series Chip Counts for a total list.

Barry Greenstein in Day 1A
© Neil Stoddart

We've once again planned a full day of coverage that should last into Wednesday morning's wee hours. So, keep checking back here for updates on your favorite players. Also, while we can't cover everybody extensively, we're always looking for interesting stories about PokerStars qualifiers in the field. If you have a tip for us, feel free to e-mail to blog@pokerstars.com.

Brad Willis
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