2007 World Series: A week in the books

People around here--whether they be players, dealers, or journalists--remind each other of the following on a regular basis: The World Series is not a sprint. It's a marathon. You can't win a bracelet on your first day, your first tournament, or in the first week.

This Series is seven weeks long and fatigue--mental and physical--can set in faster than you want. The good thing is, tomorrow is not just another day. It's another tournament, another chance at a bracelet, or another chance to find the perfect poker story.

We now have one week in the books here at the World Series. Today begins a second week of tournaments, the biggest of which began this afternoon. The $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event began the day with the kind of field that nearly guarantees an insanely good final table.

One walk through the tournament area was proof. For instance, at one table I found a re-match of this year's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure heads-up match. Winner Ryan Daut and runner-up Isaac Haxton sat at the same table (along with Team PokerStars' ElkY and Vanessa Rousso).

Ryan Daut, 2007 PCA winner at the 2007 World Series

Elsewhere in the room, Greg Raymer and Steve Paul-Ambrose sit together, within view of Humberto Brenes, Bill Chen, Barry Greenstein, and 2007 EPT Grand Final winner Gavin Griffin.

Humberto Brenes eyes an opponent's bet

Bill Chen

This event is just underway and promises to be the focus of today's activities. Tomorrow offers another massive $1,500 no-limit event that is sure to once again turn the Amazon Room into a madhouse.

So, today, we (and by we, I mean...me) will not be writing about a bracelet winner or someone who is even tantalizingly close to a bracelet. For now, the focus goes to starting over fresh for the second week of the World Series.

Brad Willis
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