2007 World Series: Almost Everybody Loves Raymond (Rahme)

The board read 7sAcQs7d9h and South Africa's Raymond Rahme had just called Ray Henson's monster bet on the river. Henson knocked the table and flipped up 63, a big bluff that went very wrong. Surely, we all expected, Rahme was going to turn up at least an ace. Or even a queen. A nine, perhaps?

No, Rahme turned up pocket eights.

There was a collective gulp, followed by a series of "Nice hands," around the room. Hensen and his sweaters--a big group of young pros--were aghast. Rahme's South African rail went nuts.

When the noise died down, Scotty Nguyen said "Thank God he likes me," and bowed to the sixty-two year old semi-retired entrepreneur.

With thirteen players remaining, Rahme--the a sexagenarian who only started playing no-limit hold'em a couple of years ago--has done his share of damage. He busted PokerSTars Bob Slezak with pocket sevens to Slezak's pocket fours. What's more, at the night started to grow little late, he rivered a straight against Philip Hilm's trips.

Bob Slezak -- 15th place $429,114

PokerStars cannibalism has become fairly commonplace. In just the past few minutes, Tuan Lam has sent David Tran to the rail in fourteenth place with AK vs 66 all-in pre-flop. An elimination seconds later left us with just three more to lose before the final table.

David Tran -- 14th place $429,114

Brad Willis
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