2007 World Series: Another final table for Team PokerStars?

It's been said that poker players will complain about anything--even being given carte blanche to complain. That said, there were a lot of right-thinking people who validly groused last year that the World Series was a bit too hold'em-centric. Among those players was Team PokerStars' Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu, courtesy of Image Masters

The World Series, to its credit, listened and put out schedule of games this year that well-rounded poker players have appreciated. Today is a great example of that. Just today, players here have enjoyed limit hold'em, short-handed no-limit hold'em, seven card stud, and pot-limit Omaha with re-buys.

Among those players is none other than Daniel Negreanu. After two days of play, Negreanu has worked his way to the final two tables in the $2,000 Seven Card Stud event. At the dinner break, Negreanu is in the top half of the field and looking to make his first final table of this year's World Series.

Across the ropes, a bevy of Team PokerStars' players is plowing through the $1,500 PLO re-buy field. At this early juncture, it's probably premature--but no less exciting--to start talking about a certain someone (a certain someone who carries a shark around in his pocket)--making his fourth final table of this year's Series. Still that certain someone, picture below getting the business from Noah Boeken, is in the top ten in chips at this hour.

Not far behind him is 2005 Champion Joe Hachem. Hachem has only been in town a few days and looks rested and ready to go after another bracelet. You'll recall, he made two final tables last year and nearly got a chance to have a bracelet for both wrists.

So, not to be premature, but the last few days have been final-table heavy for members of the PokerStars family. I see no reason why we shouldn't make Thursday another final table day.


Brad Willis
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