2007 World Series: Barry Greenstein makes $50,000 HORSE final table

There was little doubt in anybody's mind the final table the World Series $50,000 HORSE World Championship would feature a final table with some of the world's biggest poker professionals. There was little doubt in my mind that my duties covering Team PokerStars would find me at that final table as well. That's exactly what has happened.

Thursday afternoon at 2pm, Team PokerStars' Barry Greenstein will sit down with seven other tough pros to compete for a first prize of more than $2.2 million dollars.

Over the course of the past four days, the PokerStars Blog has chronicled the tournament as it worked its way from more than 145 players down to the final eight. if you missed any of the coverage, feel free to check out these items:

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If you read any of that, you know that many members of Team PokerStars made it deep in this event. This afternoon, Greg Raymer made it into the money and finished in 14th place for $103,000.

Barry Greenstein came back from dinner break with an appetite for chips. With eleven player remaining, Greenstein's stack sat at 1.8 million. It looked like he would go into the final table with a formidable chip stack. However, down to nine players, Barry was seated at the four-handed table and things turned ugly. With insane betting limits, Barry turned on the aggression and found some success with it in the early going. Then, players started calling him down. Before long, Barry had lost a few pots and had fallen down below one million in chips. The worst of it happened when Kenny Tran made a flush to Barry's aces-up in a round of Stud-8. He picked up one small pot after that and managed to stay alive with enough chips to play.

He enters final table play in seventh chip position. While the situation could look better, Barry has actually been down to the felt once and put his final 30,000 chips in on a stone-cold bluff. He got a well-timed fold and before long had worked his stack up to the monster he had earlier today.

When play begins tomorrow, Barry will face off against Kenny Tran, David Singer, Bruno Fitoussi, John Hanson, Freddy Deeb, Thor Hansen, and Amnon Filippi. The PokerStars Blog will be tableside to see if Barry can make a comeback and capture the HORSE World Championship.

Good luck, Barry

Brad Willis
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