2007 World Series: Battle of the network stars

If there's anyone here who can almost be guaranteed to offer an apology after a bad beat, it's Dilba Demirbag. Her name may not ring a bell to some Americans, but Dilba is the bees knees in most other parts of the word, especially her native Sweden. Her hit, "I'm Sorry" has topped the charts there and made her famous.

About a year ago, Dilba was invited as a celebrity to play on the Swedidh TV show Poker Million. She ended up getting heads-up with Johan Storakers before taking second place. Her finish there sparked an interest in poker that has since treated her well. In January she placed fifth in PokerStars' Sunday Warm-Up.

Dilba flew into Vegas five days go. She's been getting acclimated in some cash games and smaller tourneys. Today, she sat down as a started in Day 1C of the 2997 World Series main event.

Dilba Demirbag

Dilba had worked her way up to 29,000 from a starting stack of 20,000. Her day looked to be going in the right way. She turned a full house with QQ and got it all-in versus a a shorter stack's AA. An ace on the river gave her opponent a bigger boat. No word on whether he said, "I'm sorry."

For more on Dilba's progress through the field today, be sure to visit the PokerStars Swedish Blog.

PokerStars has more than Swedish singers in its stable of celebrity players. Jason Alexander, best known for his role as George Costanza on Seinfeld is flying PokerStars colors here today and playing a strong game in the early going. There's still a long way to go before we know if this will be the "Summer of George," but it sure would be a fun time if it were. To be sure, there are folks out there looking to be killing Independent George just to say they are the master of their own domain. If Alexander continues, his run, I'll try to lay off the Seinfeld references. Giddy up?

Below is a video PokerNews shot with Alexander at the last break.

Also starting in the field today was the ever-lovely Shannon Elizabeth. With a PokerStars cap pulled down low over her eyes, the American Pie star wooed nearly everybody within eye-shot. The only person she didn't impress was the guy who made two pair with QJ to her pocket kings. She's since found the rail, which is a disappointment to just about everybody. Not me, of course. I married, so I don't look at pretty girls. Or something.

© Neil Stoddart

Elizabeth should be proud, though. She at least had reason to believe she was getting it in good. Further, for what it's worth, she managed to outlast Nelly and Jose Canseco.

Now, I need something to drink. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

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