2007 World Series: Cagney, Snowden, and Brokos Convene at Table 33

by Craig Cunningham

With 1k/2k blinds and a 300 ante, players are busting at a dizzying pace. It's difficult for the floor to keep up as they break tables from the back of the Amazon Room toward the ESPN Feature Table. Francis "teacuppoker" Cagney, Daniel Snowden, and Andrew "foucault82" Brokos traveled only a short distance to Table 33 after their tables broke this evening. Each has come a long way to get here.

Daniel started at Table 24 with the Day 2A chipleader, Tinten Olivier. His table became a heavyweight of chips as big stacks were moved to his table through the day. "I had some really nice hands that held up," he said. He arrived at Table 33 with 270k, three racks of chips replacing the short stack who just left the 7s. He's made it through some brutal tables. "Yeah, it was fun watching everybody," he said. Of course, he's still here while most of those mixing it up are in bed right now.

Francis has had an up and down day, starting with 133k and sitting on 135k. "I had a great Day 1 but just haven't been able to get much together," he said. "I've really been treading water. That's OK though, I still have chips."

Andrew has made the biggest move at the table, starting at 31k and now up to 320k. "I started at a table with Barry Greenstein," he said. "I had aces against his queens. Here, I won a big pot when a guy with four's tried a crazy move when I had queens. I lost a 200k pot with AK against 10's, or I'd be up to 500k."

There are a few challenges in the WSOP Main Event that are different than most tournaments. Due to the logistics of the room, some players regularly bounce from table to table, making it difficult to get a read on players. With so many players rapidly busting, pressure mounts on short stacks. Psychologically, it is very easy to succumb to poker peer pressure, looking at your chips, shrugging, and moving all-in. The cemetery of empty tables so early in the day is a testament to this.

Pablo "garompon" Zarnicki from Buenos Aires sat in the 2s as another player busted out. He'll have probably twenty minutes with his PokerStars teammates at the other end of the table before they rack their chips to see where their night ends.

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