2007 World Series: Day 2A flies by

After four Day 1 sessions that lasted until the wee morning hours, a Day 2 that ends at a reasonable time is as welcome as breakfast in bed. After starting with more than 1000 players in this first flight of Day 2, the field destroyed itself from within in just 12 hours, leaving a mere 350 players to join the survivors from Day 2B and go on to Day 3.

While the official counts won't be in until morning, at this time it appears PokerStars qualifier Jeff "mrrain" Banghart is either has the chip lead or is very close to it. He was the first to cross the half-million chip mark and is playing as strong as anybody in the field. Earlier tonight I wrote about his 2005 WCOOP and 2006 Sunday Million finishes. I completely forgot to mention he also took third place for more than $100,000 in the quarterly $1,000 buy-in Sunday Million a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure how many PokerStars players have three $100,000+ tournament cashes, but it can't be many.

In other news to close the day, ElkY's "lucky" lobster, after being missing all day, was back in its place protecting his cards after dinner - but he busted a few hours later, pushing in the big blind with A-4 diamonds, but running into the small blind slow playing A-K. No help arrived on the board, and the Team PokerStars Frenchman left for the rail.

Meanwhile, David Flusfeder, the British author representing PokerStars here, has ended the night on about 220,000 chips. He one a big pot late on in a battle of the blinds. He had 10-6 and got into a tussle with the big blind's A-10. The flop brought a 10 and a 6, meaning David got the booty, and his opponent got the boot from the tournament.

Team PokerStars' John Duthie has also made it through the day and still has a sizable chip stack with which to play. Team Blog's Simon Young reports that Duthie will need any cash he makes to make for the day-long massage he's received at $2 per minute from the local rub-down staff.

While we lost Bill Chen, Joe Hachem, and Barry Greenstein today, there are still many a PokerStars player left ready to battle on Day 3. For a look at some of them, be sure to check out all the stories we put up today.

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Day 1-ers make it through tough field

Day 2 begins at 12pm Wednesday and will last--blissfully--as long as today (thank goodness for fairness). We, too, will be back with full coverage of the final day of bifurcated play.

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