2007 World Series: Day 4 at Crystal Lake

I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until the day was almost over.

Whether it was bad luck, an oversight, or sheer clever evilness on the part of the World Series organizers, one of the most important days in this year's Main Event fell on a day most superstitious people avoid. At the very least, this could've been scheduled as the day off. The field once against tore into itself like Jason Vorhees into a camper at Crystal Lake. By the end of the day, the tables had been reduced to just a few--too few to allow even good access for the media until Series workers have time to install some extra ropes.

Regardless, unlucky or not, the closest thing we saw to a mass murderer in a hockey mask was the ever-malleable face of Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan. Mid-day, he was frustrated after getting moved to a hyper-aggressive table. By late evening, something very scary had happened. RaiNKhaN had put on his game face. Forget about Jason Vorhees. There's a new killer for this Friday the 13th sequel and his name in RaiNKhaN.

By the end of Day 4, RaiNKhaN had worked his stack to near the 2.5 million mark. It's a reminder to everybody that finishing Day 2 with a chip lead is one thing. Finishing Day 4 near the top of the leaderboard is something else entirely.

PokerStars still has a number people left in contention. Among them is none other than Humberto Brenes. At no time in the last few days has Brenes appeared anywhere near the top of the leader board. However, as Day 4 comes to a close, Brenes remains among the final players and has a stack that could send him even deeper. As we wrote here earlier tonight, Brenes placed 36th in last year's World Series. He's got a shot at doing even better this year.

Also still in action at the end of the day, some big players with a good chance of going deep. Dario Minieri, Jeff "mrrain" Banghart, Nicolas Atlan, and around 20 other PokerStars players will be among the final runners and start play again on Saturday. Be sure to check back in on the World Series PokerStars chip counts page. We'll update that as soon as we get the official numbers from Harrahs.

Here's a look back at how Friday the 13th played out:

Day 4 of the Dario?

Dario: I won't be stupid

Dario takes a hit

Shark in deeper waters

Josh Evans eyes final table

Ryan Lawrence

Dario takes Hit(s)

I am the weatherman

Han's Handy Hands

lol donkaments

World Series PokerStars Winners

Day 5 resumes Saturday at noon PDT. By the end of the day, only three or four tables will remain and Sunday's push to the final table will begin.

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