2007 World Series: Day 4 of the Dario?

There is something around the Amazon Room today that I haven't found in a week.


Now, with only 300 or so players starting the day, the long lines of people waiting to get in to see their friends and family has all but disappeared. Now in the money, the players and the event has reached a stage in which the sideshow is no longer the show. The game is the thing. That means it's more quiet. What's more, the media crush that has been kicking the room insto submission seems to have subsided. It's almost spooky. It's also, for the moment, quite nice.

Out of the 337 starting the day, here are the folks from PokerStars who will be looking to go big.

Dario Minieri 2,398,000
Hevad Khan 1,319,000
Nicolas Atlan 1,057,000
Jeff Banghart 789,000
Scott Freeman 683,000
Ryan Lawrence 671,000
Justin Rollo 661,000
Matt Stout 639,000
Justin Sadauskas 618,000
Stephen Ma 614,000
Sorel Mizzi 603,000
Hoa Nguyen 599,000
Thomas Koo 589,000
Robert Damiano 582,000
Thierry Vanden Berg 552,000
Raymond Rahume 463,000
Jason Sell 453,000
David Tran 434,000
Joe Pharo 430,000
Jason Welch 415,000
Alex Melnikow 401,000
Josh Evans400,000
Sebastian Zink 397,000
Karim Vegas 393,000
Matt Cohen 374,000
Zhuang Han 372,000
Francis Cagney 347,000
Stig Tap Rasmussen 323,000
Robert Starkey 313,000
Brian Tracy 301,000
Marco Mills 294,000
Laurence Hughes 285,000
Daniel Elizondo 262,000
Brent Catalane 250,000
Art Cole 249,000
Wolbert Bautlema 241,000
Philip Yeh 224,000
Darrel Dicken 215,000
Cody Slaubaugh 211,000
Humberto Brenes 210,000
Tor Helness 188,000
Ketul Nathwani 177,000
Sam Simon 172,000
Noah Schwartz 171,000
Derek Thorpe 144,000
Salvatore Passariello 133,000
Jason Glass 120,000
Christoph Stiehler 108,000
Carl Olson 101,000
Ryan McClean 97,000

We figure to lose at least half the field again today, if not more. If Yesterday was any indication, we could be in for a wild ride. Supernova Dario Minieri skyrocketed to the chip lead late in the day yesterday, picking up one million chips in the last level. Today, he begins the day as the chip leader.

The big question: Will Dario continue to play as fast as his FPP Porsche or will he slow down for a couple hours? We have a reported stationed tableside with Dario and aim to find out.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in