2007 World Series: Demons out

There comes a point in anyone's World Series at which they just want to say, "Forget it," and toss the chips in. This is the day to get those demons out. In this, the final week of preliminary events, Monday hosts the $1,000 no-limit hold'em rebuy tournament, a place to madly jam away at three-way pots, to get it in behind just to feel how nice it is to suck out, and to purge one's self of every ugly bad beat memory endure for the past four weeks.

Or, it's a chance to sit back and pick off the people doing the above. You choose.

It's a big field in the rebuy today and Team PokerStars is faring well in the early going. With the two-hour rebuy period now behind us, the PokerStars flag is still flying on the breast of many a player.

As I wandered the room in search of survivors, I had spotted everyone I expected, save Joe Hachem. At the very moment I began to wonder where he was, he bolted from the shadows and laid a huge kiss on the cheek of...Greg Raymer (more on Raymer in just a second). With a maniacal grin, Hachem trotted back to his seat where he is facing off against, among others, Shannon Elizabeth.

Hachem (with Elizabeth in the right foreground)

Other faces standing out at the tables: Humberto Brenes, Vicky Coren, Emad Tahtouh, Noah Boeken, Bill Chen, and Barry Greenstein. Greenstein started the day with a massive run to near 30,000 chips. When I found him, he looked less than pleased and said he had recently lost 8,000 chips on a hand that he only picked up because of a misdeal.

Barry Greenstein

Humberto Brenes

Vicky Coren

Bill Chen

Noah Boeken

In other news, both Greg Raymer and John Duthie made Day 2 of the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha championship. While a great accomplishment, both players busted just short of the money.

Raymer giving a bust-out interview to the World Series' Lacy Jones

With the re-buy event just a few hours old--and now flush with a ton a chips--it will take a while before we know who will be going deep in this one.

Regardless, the demons have now been purged and that's never a bad thing.

Brad Willis
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