2007 World Series: Elizondo Running Well

by Simon Young

After playing Day 2a with great success, you might think Daniel Elizondo would take it easy on his day off before getting down to the serious business of making the money today. Breakfast in bed followed by hours lounging around the pool, perhaps? Or maybe a relaxing meal and a show? No chance - our PokerStars qualifier from Mexico chose to head for the gym for a gruelling 10 kilometer run!

Daniel Elizondo: On the Run

Daniel, a real estate lawyer from Monterrey, had a great run towards the end of 2a, ending with 390,800 chips. Today he is looking calm, confident and determined to use his stack wisely.

"Well I'm feeling very good," he said. "I had maybe 30 phone calls yesterday from people who had been following my progress on the blog. You wrote that if I made a big cash here I could buy myself a new home - well I hope that is the case.

"I went for my run in the gym yesterday - I don't think it would have been wise to go for a jog outside here. I like running, and have done quite a few 10k runs back home in the past, but for a few years I let it slip, so I've taken it up again. Rather foolishly, I said that if I win this I will step it up and enter a marathon.

"Unfortunately, because of my big mouth a friend has already signed up for it, so I may have to as well whatever happens here."

We wish Daniel luck today. But he may not need it - he knows this Main Event is a marathon, not a sprint.

Team PokerStars has two players still in the hunt - Humberto Brenes and John Duthie. While John, who has been moved to the feature table alongside chip monster Gus Hansen (760,000), started off with a healthy 278,400 chips, Humberto is in a bit more of a hurry after beginning with 94,700. Those chips make all the difference - as while John is able to sit back and be more selective with his starting hands, Humberto needs to build.

John Duthie

He was able to take the blinds a few times, and then won a small pot when his opponent quit on the river, but despite that he was not able to edge past the 100,000 mark and more recently has fallen back to 60,000.

Humberto Brenes

Meanwhile Norway's Sverre Sundbo, who is representing PokerStars here, has upset several members of the media in our base. Not with anything he has said - but because he reached level five on an internet volleyball game on his first attempt, beating some hapless hacks who have spent weeks trying to get past level three. Sverre was on 220,000 last time I saw him today.

Sverre Sundbo

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