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2007 World Series: Part 11 - Final Table Coverage

If this final continues in the same fashion, we will all still be here at Christmas. The same four players have been doing battle for an incredible seven and a half hours since the elimination of Britain's Jon Kalmar. And far from the chip stacks getting stretched over time, they have condensed, meaning the Gold Bracelet is within everyone's reach.

Raymond Rahme will be the first to admit that it could have been so very different. Just minutes ago he re-re-raised all in with A-Q and found himself dominated by Jerry Yang's Q-Q. It looked like we would at last be down to three players, and that Yang would have a soar away lead.

But, this being the World Series, not everything is straightforward. If Rahme was to survive, he needed an A. He stood up, and for the first time the wrinkles on his face betrayed his real age. At 62 he is the oldest player to make a final table. He looked at his supporters in an "oh well, it's been a good run" sort of way, and in return they shouted for the dealer to put out the A. He did not mess around, putting it on the flop of 9-4-A.

Rahme punched the air in delight and turned to his crowd, who burst into song. Yang now had only the case Q to save him, but the turn and river came 3 and 5. Rahme ran over to hug his family, then, like the gentleman he is, went over to shake Yang's hand, knowing that he had got lucky.

The pot means Yang is pegged back to 45,600,000, while Rahme, the short stack just an hour ago, is now second and within touching distance on 34,875,000. It's not a two-horse race, though, as Tuan Lam has 27,800,000, and Alex Kravchenko 19,200,000.

Meanwhile, Tuan Lam's battle with Jerry Yang continues. Yang continually raises Tuan's big blind from the small blind as well as button raises. It becomes an expensive orbit for Tuan each time the dealer button passes him by. It is a tangled web as the chipleader, even when brought down to size, stays aggressive with any two cards. Neither Tuan nor Raymond have shown a willingness to play recklessly. Kravchenko has give up some chips to Yang, and now he has slipped down below 18m. Tuan and Raymond have been at the Amazon Room since 10:00AM for interviews. With Wednesday now here, this quarted has been playing for more than twelve hours. They passed their 100th hand with four players, and there is no reason they couldn't play for another four hours.

Grab yourself a hot drink and a snack, folks, this one is going to run and run.

Late add: Alex has just lost a race against Jerry and been eliminated in third place. That leaves Jerry Lang up against PokerStars players Raymond Rahme and Tuan Lam..

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