2007 World Series: Gladys still in thanks to one out

by Simon Young

A few days ago we had the pleasure of finding PokerStars qualifier Gladys Landegger, an Argentinian who moved to Los Angeles where she met and married an attorney, Al, from Austria. He watched proudly from the rail on Day 1C as Gladys built a nice chip stack of 32,400. Today, as the carnage continues unabated on Day 2B, Gladys is still smiling - and no wonder, she's up to 140,000.

Gladys Landegger: pointing to her success

But it could have gone horribly wrong as at one point she was just one card away from being eliminated.

"I had J-J and raised, then I got re-raised so I pushed all in. He called with K-K. It was not looking good, especially as the guy next to me said he folded a J, so there was really only one card in the deck that could save me.

"Nothing came on the flop or the turn, but on the river... the jack! So that doubled me up, and since then I have just been building with little pots."

I looked around the rail, but there was no husband to be seen this time. Where had he disappeared to?

"Ah, he's had to go back to LA for work, but he will be back for when I make the final table next week," Gladys said. Well, let's hope that's the case.

Meanwhile, scuttling around the Amazon Room - which is pretty hard what with the spectator and media throng - I happened across a tough table featuring well-known PokerStars qualifier Christian Grundtvig. Christian, from Denmark, won the WPT Paris in 2006, trousering $907,000, and also came fourth at the Pokerstars EPT Baden, Austria event in 2005 for another $57,000.

Christian Grundtvig: posts his blind

So it's no great surprise to see the avid stamp collector (no jokes about his first-class play, please) doing very nicely for himself here, sitting on approaching 70,000 chips. And that's despite having a tough table line-up that includes fellow Scandinavian Bjorn-Erik Glenne - the Norwegian who won the EPT Barcelona last season, beating Phil Ivey into second place - and the UK's Ben Roberts.

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