2007 World Series: Granny to the rescue

If patience is a virtue, Kevin "Four-7-Kevin" Williams is one virtuous dude. The PokerStars Frequent Point Point qualifier from the UK was on a complete freeroll. He had the buy-in money in his bank account and made it Vegas in time for the Series. That's when the problems began.

A few days back, Williams went to the cage to pull the buy-in off his bank card. The clerks told him it was approved and tried to print the check. There was some sort of Kafkaesque clerical error that resorted in his bank waiting for payment instructions from the Rio, the Rio accidentally voiding the transaction, and the whole of the buy-in getting stuck in limbo for ten days.

Ten days? Well, that was going to be too late to buy into the main event. Suddenly Williams' dream freeroll was night-sweating disaster. No one he could find would help him. Williams sought help at the highest levels but when money disappears in limbo, sometimes even the biggest of wigs don't have enough pull.

Williams, obviously, was a little more than concerned. He was supposed to have spent a week in Vegas relaxing. Instead, he's been dealing with international banking mishaps and wandering around facing the real possibility that he wouldn't be playing the main event after all--all because somebody pressed the wrong button.

Enter: Granny.

Across the pond, it so happened that William' grandmother had enough money to wire him a replacement ten grand. It arrived...this morning.

Now, Williams sits in the middle of the 2007 World Series behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses. He can pay Granny back later. Only thing we don't know is, if Williams should win, how big a piece will Granny get?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in