2007 World Series: HORSE dead meat

Nolan Dalla is more than the Media Director for the World Series. He is often its voice. His timbre and tone are unmistakable on the PA system. This evening, as the players in HORSE event prepared to take their dinner break, Dalla announced all the players would be receiving, gratis, a meal at the Fiore Steakhouse at the Rio.

In closing, he said, "There is an open bar."

Daniel Negreanu, noted and often notorious vegetarian, couldn't help but speak up. "Yeah! You can have some dead cow. You can have some dead pig. You can have some baby cow that they beat!"

Negreanu's protestations (I mean, I guess they could've had the free meal at the Indian joint here...) went unheeded as many of the players headed off for a free steak dinner. There was no grousing, I should note, that they were getting a free $100 meal. Anyone who has registered for the $1,500 events here know that they come with a free $10 voucher you can spend at a steak and eggs place. So, a good hunk of $80 red meat is not something a poker player turns down, you know?

If Negreanu was worried about cow carnage, there was only one player who couldn't go to dinner due to the carnage at the tables. Jeff Lisandro was the first and only elimination by the dinner break. He reportedly handled being the first dead meat in the biggest event fairly well and went to play a $1,000 Mixed Hold'em event in the overflow tent outside.

As we return to play tonight, all members of Team PokerStars are still alive and kicking. Spies report Greg Raymer had dinner with his family at the Tilted Kilt. Isabelle Mercier was spotted returning to the Rio by cab with none other than Sammy Farha in tow.

As I headed back to the tournament area, Robert Williamson III was strolling along with a glass of wine in his hand. Steve Zolotow was matching pace with Williamson and said, "I can't see how you have so much wine and can play poker and not fall asleep."

And now the players sit back down for the biggest HORSE event ever played. We'll see how the dead cow and the wine affect the players.

There's still a lot of dead meat to come.

Brad Willis
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