2007 World Series: Katja, Humberto, ElkY, oh my!

Brenes, Thater, ElkY, Raymer, Negreanu--ALL make final tables!

Even the business types around the World Series know that people need a breather after a while. If you wander the hallways outside the main tournament area, you'll find an oxygen bar where anyone can sit down for a snoot-full of prettied-up air.

Oxygen bar at the World Series

As it happens, ESPN is taking a breather this week and the PokerStars Blog (that is, I) decided it would be a good few days to recharge the batteries outside of Sin City. Of course, what happens when I leave the cool and comfortable confines of the Rio? That's right, we have ANOTHER final table featuring TWO members of team PokerStars.

Last night, ElkY and Humberto Brenes both made the final table of the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em event that began on Monday. Yeah, that's right. For the second time this year, two members of Team PokerStars have made the same final table (the first was a few days ago when Barry Greenstein and Greg Raymer made the $1,500 Stud final table).

Now, that's a pretty amazing accomplishment in itself. However, there's something even more significant going on here. Humberto Brenes has played six tournaments so far at this year's World Series. He's made the final table of three of them. It's been more than a decade since Humberto won a World Series bracelet. This year, he seems bent on making it happen. He just placed third in the Pot-Limit Hold'em championship a few days ago. Today, he'll be taking another shot at putting a third bracelet on his wrist.

Humberto Part Three--in 3D?

And that's not all. Last night, Greg Raymer made the final table of the $2,000 Stud Hi-Lo event (his second stud final table this year!) and Daniel Negreanu made his first final table of the year in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em shootout!

Last night, Team PokerStars' Katja Thater, recognized in the media as far and away the best player on the final table, had a rough run of luck and ended up placing fifth for $49,151 in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em ladies re-buy event.

So, congratulations to Katja for her great run yesterday, and good luck to Elky and Humberto today!

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