2007 World Series: Lazy Sunday Afternoon? No Chance

by Simon Young

It's Sunday afternoon, and while most folks are relaxing with the family, washing the car or tending to the garden, 36 returned here for Day 6 of the World Series Main Event, hoping to get through today to reach Tuesday's final table - and the $8,250,000 first prize on offer.

Happily, many of them are PokerStars players. Way back on Friday July 6 when all this kicked off, the Amazon Room on Day 1A was packed out with all shapes and sizes of players, and most tables had one of our representatives on board. It was the same for the next three flights.

So despite a huge starting number of more than 6,000 for this poker marathon, to have four PokerStars players on one of just four remaining tables for the sprint finish is a great credit to them and the site.

David Tran: involved in early action

This table - with the number 2 hanging above - is currently home to David Tran, Bob Slezak, Jason Welch and Jeff Bryan. And the action has been fast and furious so far.

With blinds starting out today at 30,000-60,000, Tran, from California, kicked off the first tussle raising before the flop and being called by Bryan. They saw a flop of 6-A-Q, and Tran led out with another 285,000. Bryan called. The turn was a 4, and when Tran bet 625,000, Bryan moved all in for another 1.2 million. It was too much for Tran, and he folded.

Tran,who started today as chip leader, has been playing poker for ten years or so, mostly as a cash game specialist at the $100-$200 limit holdem tables. He also has an impressive number of tournament cashes, including a second in a WSOP circuit event at the Rio in 2005 which netted him $58,821.

But that figure will be dwarfed by his payday here - he is already guaranteed at least $285,678.

Jeff Bryan: picked up nice early pot

Bryan is a sales manager for a construction equipment company back home in Fort Calhoun in Nebraska. His wife, Donna, is here railing him today.

Bryan said: "I managed to pick that one big pot up early on against David Tran. I had A-6 and had flopped two pair - a read a bit weakness in him, so re-raised all in. I think he had an ace, but that was it. That put me on approaching 3 million in chips, but after the first level I'm back to 2 million or so. I've not really had many cards."

Bryan has several decent tournament cashes to his name, including $10,843 for tenth place in a WSOP circuit event in February this year, and $61,000 for third in the $5,000 Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge in June last year. Scotty is still in this event, too, although down to 1.4 million.

As players head back from the 20-minute level break, we have lost one of our number, Hoa Nguyen, who was busted by Lee Childs. Nguyen had 5-5, Childs A-9 and all the money went in at the end when the board showed 3-2-2-9-4.

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