2007 World Series: lol donkaments

by Craig Cunningham

Brian Tracy and K.C. Cagney caucused outside of the Amazon at a break, talking about their play and the play of those who have gone. "I've just seen some horrible plays," said Brian Tracy. He's been on a short stack most of the day. "I started at 300k but dropped to 116k on a bad beat," he said. "I tripled up with queens when I made a flush on the river. I've just gotten blinded down since, and I just moved to the table with Huck Seed. I don't know about anyone else. I'm going with any ace or a couple of paint cards when I see them. It cost me $15 to get here, so I'm on a big freeroll."

Brian Tracy

KC Cagney is in much better shape. "I started with 347k and won a huge pot with A-K to get where I am now. I'm up to 810k. Like Brian said, I'll tell you what I've seen. I've seen people just snapping, imploding before my eyes. The blinds are still not a problem for most players, but some people just get sick of it or try to bluff almost out of boredom. There have been some shocking plays."

KC Cagney

The strategy for both is to stay out of harm's way as they play down to midnight.

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