2007 World Series: Looking ahead

Sometimes, in an effort to see a story from beginning to end, one has to make predictions or hint at them. When Joe Hachem began the day running over the the Pot-Limit Hold'em field, it was only natural to get that tingle of excitement and call back his two big 2006 World Series Pot-Limit Hold'em finishes. Hachem, at least for the purposs of this humble news outlet, was The Story today.

If blog writing allowed me to affect an accent, it would sound a lot like Gilda Radner's Emily Latella.

Never mind.

Hachem exited before the dinner break, shortly after a chilly hand that saw him flopping a set against a flush. That leaves us with the age old Friday news story: What's happening this weekend.

This weekend will be huge for two reasons. First, tomorrow will host a $1,500 no-limit hold'em event. When these things go off on the weekend, they are massive. It's so big, several members of the media are just taking the day off to play it.

While that event will surely have a nice payday, the story of the week begins on Sunday when the $50,000 World Championship of H.O.R.S.E kicks off. There is almost as much fun speculating about who will play as actually watching the event.

For tonight, though, the stories have come to an end. After having an insanely good two weeks, it's probably best to take a breather. There's still a long way to go in this thing and a lot of time for more stories.

We'll see you on Saturday.

Brad Willis
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