2007 World Series: More Glory for Cory?

by Simon Young

In 2003, the year that Chris Moneymaker made his money, Cory Zeidman finished 39th. You will not remember him for that, nor for his final table finish in the $5,000 Seven Card Stud event a year later, but you will likely recall one of his hands from the 2005 Main Event. It was named as one of the top ten hands in that year's WSOP, and it's the hand that broke Jennifer Harman's heart.

Cory Zeidman: All smiles

If I was to say rivered straight flush, you'll probably get what I'm on about. But for those of you still scratching your heads, Jen had flopped a set of queens on a 10-J-Q board. Cory, from Coral Springs, Florida, had flopped the low straight with his 8-9. A second 10 on the turn gave Ms H the boat and the lead, and all the chips went in when a 7 diamonds hit the river. It was the only card that could save Cory, filling up his straight flush and sending his opponent spinning to Tilt City Central.

Cory, who has two children and runs a sports marketing company when not playing poker, is back again this year after qualifying on PokerStars. And although he is determined to repeat his great run of 2003, which netted him $25,000, he has a tricky starting table, with none other than Johnny Chan, holder of more WSOP bracelets than I've had hot dinners, sitting at his table. "Yeah it's a tough looking table," Cory said, "but I've been here before so it should be fine. After the first break I'm up to 30,000 and feeling good."

I'm sure Johnny Chan has seen the video of Harman being hit by Cory's straight flush, so he will be watching for any unlikely one-outers on the river.

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