2007 World Series: My dream HORSE final table

Around here, a lot of folks are participating in fantasy poker drafts and betting on who will make final tables and win bracelets. Me, I'm participating in a little fantasy of my own. It involves a dream finial table in the $50,000 HORSE event. Of course, based on my focus here, it involves the remaining PokerStars players in the field. Nonetheless, it's the kind of final table that everybody would love to watch.

So, with half the field in the event now gone, here's how I hope it turns out.

Seat 1: Greg Raymer

The final table needs a World Series Champion and Greg Raymer fits the bill. What's more, Greg has already made two final tables in this year's World Series and both were in Stud games. At this hour, Greg is sitting on a reasonable stack and is playing studied careful poker.

Seat 2: Barry Greenstein

When you talk about cash game gurus, Barry Greenstein is not the type of guy you can forget. Greenstein plays these games all the time for the kind of money that makes me think about retiring. Greenstein spent a good portion of the day in the top three in chips, but has since fallen back a bit. Still, he's not hurting at all and a couple pots could put him back in position to get there.

Seat 3: Isabelle Mercier

Not because she's a woman, but because she's among the youngest players in the field and has shown great poise throughout. Isabelle has been building her mixed game skills in the past few years and has proven to be a force, especially in Razz. Isabelle has been treading water all day and needs to start winning some pots soon. Okay, and she would look fantastic on camera as well.

Seat 4: Daniel Negreanu

Kid Poker is just insanely good. He has bracelets. He has WPT titles. He is a cash game monster. What's more, he talks a great game and would liven up the table. In Day 1, Daniel looked like he was sitting back and waiting. Today, he has been pouncing and is close to the top of the leader board.

Seat 5: Matt Hawrilenko

Okay, you may not know the name, but others do. He's a huge player and SuperNova on PokerStars. He bought into this event with his W$. What's more, he's been crushing today and, at the moment, sits among the top three in chips. It's good for the game to get new faces in and Matt is proving he belongs.

Seat 6: Pat Pezzin

Pat is a PokerStars SuperNova who bought into this event directly. He won his Main Event seat on PokerStars and tells me he's buddies with Daniel He still has a playable stack and could still get there.

With those players making up the first six seats, I have two wild cards that would make the table interesting.

Seat 7: Eli Elezra

He's a wild gambler who might be able to convince Greenstein to play props during the televised final event. He's been betting hands blind today, which is fun to watch...and is good for pushing chips to other players.

Seat 8: Scotty Nguyen

I mean, come on. He's Scotty Nguyen. Tell me that wouldn't be fun.

We won't hit the final two tables for a couple of days, so it will be a long time before we see dreams come true.

Here's to hoping, yeah?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in