2007 World Series: Negreanu final tables...again

Daniel Negreanu was chatty today. Most of the last three hours of the night was as much a practice in coffee housing with Greg Pappas as it was a game of tournament stud poker.

Pappas, a member of the pre-televised poker generation, was explaining to the rail that the only people who know him are people who were playing cards before poker landed on TV.

Negreanu looked up and deadpanned, "Weren't you in that movie 'Roadhouse'?"

Negreanu stares down David Chui earlier in the day--Coutesy Image Masters

In fact, Negreanu knows Pappas well. It's not been too many years ago that Negreanu and Pappas were vying for a best all-around player award. When the final standings came out, Negreanu had beaten Pappas by one point. And, in fact, this is more than just a couple of old competitors battling it out again.

More than ten years ago, Negreanu was still a young buck and trying to find his way in the game. Pappas quickly became one of Negreanu's role models. Negreanu once wrote, "Obviously, I'm a big fan of poker, but more importantly, I'm a big fan of the good people in poker. Greg Pappas will always remain at the top of that list."

Tomorrow, Negreanu and Pappas will face off across the felt and battle six other players (including the always frightening Jeff Lissandro) for the $2,000 Seven Card Stud bracelet. Play on the EPSN stage will begin at 1pm PDT. This will be Negreanu's second final table in this year's World Series.

In other news, Team PokerStars' Humberto Brenes has made Day 2 of the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha re-buy event. It may not be necessary to remind you, but Brenes has been putting up some serious finishes this year. He already has three final tables and is looking to pick up a fourth by the end of tomorrow.

As an old boss of mine used to say, "See ya on TV."

Brad Willis
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