2007 World Series: OmahaEd makes final table

Around the PokerStars tables, the named OmahaEd is just one of those names you've come to expect to see. A Supernova in the PokerStars VIP Club, OmahaEd (sometimes known as Ed Tonnellier) is just one of those guys everybody seems to like.

Today, OmahaEd will sit down at his first World Series final table. Although he is the short-stack, he's still in a good mood and ready to play in the $2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo/Stud Hi-Lo event.

Here's how he described his adventure so far:


Two days ago was the start of the $2500 half hi-lo Omaha and half hi-lo Stud event. With the buy in and nature of the event it was naturally star packed and only 327 players. My day one table had, at times, on it: Layne Flack, Erick Lindgren, "Gank" Brett Jungblutt, Huck Seed and a host of others.

By the end of Day One, I was sitting about the middle with average chips of $19,000 (started with $5000) and 88 players left. Day 2 was up an down like a yoyo, almost out twice and kept coming back. Some new top players joining my table were Scotty Nguyen and David Benyamine. Then when we redrew the table at 24 players and three tables I was in second place with 165,000.

Didn't last long. A horrible hour took me right down to 65,000 started with three tens losing to 3 hidden spades for a flush in the stud round.

Then Annie Duke crushed me twice with inferior hands that got there but I managed to get back to 125,000 off of Scotty when I hit a two on 7th street for a wheel against his 6 low and two pair.

Josh Arieh comes to our table as well as Chris Ferguson and players are busting out fast until we have 8 left and final table is 8, as well as minimum 16,000 and change. Well, I got lucky Josh was in full blown aggressive mode and busted out 9th
to give us our final table of 8 going at 3 pm today Vegas time.

My final table includes Annie Duke, Tom Schneider, Chris Ferguson, John Phan, David Benyamine, Joseph Bolnick, Chris Bell and myself. The bad news is that I am by far the short stack with 69,000 and everyone else over 125,000. Oh well -- at least it is my first WSOP final table and cashing minimum 16,000 with only one backer having 20% of me.

I hope I can move up a couple positions at least to do my family and fans proud (first prize is over 200,000) but I will have to win the first hand I commit to with betting at 8,000 - 16,000.

Brad Willis
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