2007 World Series: One bullet at a time

If no-limit hold'em shootouts are fought with automatic weapons on an urban assault terrain, limit hold'em shootouts are the stuff of old westerns. You can only shoot one bullet at a time, hope you hit, and move on to the next bad guy.

Today's World Series sees the $1,500 Limit Hold'em shootout underway with many members of Team PokerStars in the starting field. My confession of the day: My wife flew in for a 48 hour visit. She's been rather accommodating with my work schedule and leaves tonight. So, I figured I could lunch with her today before strolling in to see how many bullets our players had left.

As I scanned the room, I didn't feel good. The landscape was barren with only a few players left at each table. I feared my favorite cowboys and cowgirls had already met their demise. It started to feel terrible. The least I could've done would be to stand there among the tumbleweeds and dust and watch them fall.

For the next thirty minutes, I had many a "how about that!" moment as I walked from table to table and found many of my favorite players still shooting.

Isabelle Mercier

Luca Pagano

Bill Chen

Noah Boeken

Victor Ramdin

All of those players still had a nice stack of chips and had two or three people left to finish off. Humberto Brenes sat among the field as well, although he looked haggard and was down to his last few shells. If he survives the next hour or so, it will be a miracle of Humberto proportions.

This is still just the first round of this shooutout. I'll be back in a bit with news of who has made it on to the next round.

Update: Isabelle Mercier, Bill Chen, Victor Ramdin, Terrence Chan, and Noah Boeken have advance to the second round that begins at 9pm.

Brad Willis
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