2007 World Series: PokerStars Qualifier Jeff Norman Has Overall Day 1 Chiplead

by Criag Cunningham

As I left Table 58 after talking to PokerStars qualifier Jeff Norman and John Armbrust, I told them, "Hey, I've had good luck with my players I've done stories on after the dinner break." Jeff smiled and went back to his hand, immediately losing 7k in chips to the 10s.

I posted my story on Jeff and headed away from the Rio, grabbing a late dinner before more late night work. Around 1:00AM, I received a call on my cell phone from a strange number. I answered, and it was Jeff.

"Craig, this is Jeff," he said. "I just wanted to tell you that you were right. I won some big pots, and John is up alot since you left." He also told me that I'd interchanged his name and John's several times in the article I'd written, and I told him I'd fix it when I got to a wireless connection.

When the official Day 1C results were emailed this morning, there stood one Jeff Norman atop the leaderboard at 281,300. That puts him in the overall lead from the three Day 1's heading into the final session today. He'll have the next two days off, and I'll see if he can proofread my stories for me.

Brad Willis
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