2007 World Series: RaiNKhAN, the Freshmaker

Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan is sitting in the one seat of a corner table. He is as unsuspecting of me as his opponents are of him. While he is absolutely destroying his table in the first half of the day, I'm secretly plotting to change his identity. Khan doesn't know it yet, but I'm thinking about asking PokerStars to change his screen name. I have a hard time remembering which letters he capitalizes and which he doesn't.

When I last walked up on Khan, he had an opponent all-in on a king-high flop. Khan held AK to his opponent's KQ. Khan was exceptionally polite and gracious in his win as the guy walked away in defeat. Afterward, Khan started singing, "Let's make the dinner break, let's make the dinner break, I run good." It was quite a tune. Catchy, with a beat you could dance to.

And Khan was. He never left his chair, but he was dancing. "I run good," he sang again.

He wasn't lying. He was up around 80,000 chips when I last saw him and by the looks of his opponents, I got the impression Khan had not been playing bad.

"What did you have for breakfast this morning?" one guy asked him.

"Wheaties," Khan answered, then re-thought himself. "No, oatmeal." Whatever it was, it was working.

Khan is an SNG king, a Supernova in the PokerStars Supernova VIP club, and part of a rambling bunch of online superstars who have been haunting the World Series this year. He's not one to shy away form publicity. In recent years, video of him 26-tabling sit and gos on PokerStars popped up on the internet. It was proof he was not a bot, but rather, a poker monster.

His "Let's make the dinner break" routine, I think was for the benefit of his opponents. Khan doesn't give a damn whether he makes the dinner break. In fact, I'd almost guarantee you he'd rather be gone at the dinner break than be sitting on his starting stack of 20,000. Barring a bad beat--and with dinner now just a few minutes away--I don't think there's much danger of either. Khan looks to be headed into the evening session with a formidable stack.

As I walked away, Khan reached down to a 3/4 eaten pack of Mentos on the table.

"Want one?" he asked.

I declined in one breath and had a revelation with the next.

Hevad "The Freshmaker" Khan has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Note: Here's the video of Khan playing 26 tables at once.

Brad Willis
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