2007 World Series: Roy's 4's

"My close friend had a premonition that I would finish 4th, 14th, or 44th," said Roy "The Oracle" Winston. "I've had quad four's twice and two sets of fours, and it is great to get past 44th. I think I'd be disappointed now to get 14th, but I'll take 4th now."

Roy had a very tough day yesterday. "I had very tough cards, and the ESPN cameras will show that I had to lay down alot of hands. It turned out to be right every time. I dodge lots of bullets out there." Roy sat across from Kenny Tran most of the day.

"The only time I tried to make a move all day, Kenny made a fabulous call against me." Roy raised 50k pre-flop then fired 150k into a flop of 7h-8h-3h. He bet 350k when 2h fell on the turn, and when 2d came on the river, Roy bet 700k. Again, Tran called and showed Ad-8s for top pair top kicker. No heart for Roy, and Tran drug the huge pot.

"I play high-limit cash games with Kenny alot, and he knows I play fairly tight," Roy said. "I think he's one of the three or four best cash players around."

Day 4 was like walking through a minefield for Roy. "Of the original nine players at my table, eight were gone plus six others that sat down. It was something to watch." He almost made a final table earlier this year in the $1.5k Limit Hold-Em Shootout. "I'll tell you a funny story. It was down to three in our shootout table, and Victor Ramdin really wanted to play in another event. He started pushing with anything, and I picked up aces. He cracked them catching two pair with a horrible hand, and I ended up out of the event."

The Oracle hopes to see lots of fours and get deep tonight.

Brad Willis
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