2007 World Series: Ryan Lawrence

"Do you want my story from last night too? I've got a great story," Ryan Lawrence said. He put down his cell phone as players milled around in the halls at the break. "So I get moved to Gus Hansen's table last night, and I have 500k or so. I raise to 15k under the gun with Jd-10d, and Hansen makes it 45k from the button. I decided I wanted my 'Rounders' moment, so I called. The flop came, I don't know, a 4, and Kh-Qh. I check, and he bets the pot, like 90k. I raise another 150k. If he calls, I'm down to 280k or so, but I just wanted my 'Rounders' moment. He folds, and I take the pot."

Ryan ended the day at 671k, and he loved his table on Day 4. "I own the table; well, sort of," he said. "I've had good hands in late position, so it looks like I'm stealing. I raised on the button with A-K, the small blind called, and the big blind raised to 75k. I just moved all-in, and they folded. Then I got queens a few hands later and made it 25k again, and the small blind made it 100k. I moved all-in instantly, and he went in the tank. He only had 100k left, and I said, 'Dude, you only have 100k. You have to call.' Then I called the clock on him, and he called with A-Qo."

"Then there's another guy at the table, I haven't won a pot against him all day. He has 400k, and I call his 25k raise on the button. The flop comes 2h-Qd-Jd. He bets 50k, and I go all-in with 800k or so. I end up calling the clock on him, and he folds."

Ryan headed back to the Amazon Room, in the top fifteen in chips on Day 4 at the WSOP Main Event. There may be more 'Rounders' moments ahead of him this weekend.

Brad Willis
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