2007 World Series: Seven-Card Studs

"This is supposed to be a two-day event, right?"

Bill Chen was eying the $1,500 Seven-Card stud tournament. After playing most of the night last night, the players just came back for a 4pm PDT start and with 130-some players left in the field, the possibility of finishing in two days seemed less than likely.

Chen lamented the possibility he may not be able to play another event he was looking to get into. "Maybe we'll pay until nine in the morning," he mused and went back to the game.

Bill Chen

In a world of what Anthony Holden calls "iPod kids" in his new book "The Bigger Deal," the sub-set of stud players are remarkably different. Slow and plodding, they take great pride in their ability to play one of the pre-hold'em games.

Joining Chen in the $1,500 Stud field for Day 2 are none other than Team PokerStars Barry Greenstein and Greg Raymer (who happens to have started the day in the Top Ten in chips).

Barry Greenstein

Greg Raymer

Again, today is one of those days in which a person could watch just about any kind of game they want. The $1,500 short-handed event is down to the final table. The Stud and PL Hold'em games are in Day 2. The $1,500 NL Hold'em event kicked off today with more than 2,600 players. And, here in just a bit, a $2,500 HORSE event will be kicking off.

If we could just find a Badugi tournament around here, we'd just about have all the games we need.

Brad Willis
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