2007 World Series: Shark in deeper waters

Humberto Brenes speaks English, but he doesn't need to. When he's in a hand, his face is expressive enough that words are unnecessary. He doesn't give off too many tells, but when it's his turn to act, it's pretty clear what he's going to do. Furthermore, you don't even have to watch the cards to know the outcome of the hand.

Don't believe me? Here are three pictures take over the course of 60 seconds. All we know is that Humberto Brenes held pocket tens against big slick.

I'll give you three guesses how the hand ended.

Brenes has been having a tremendously good year at the World Series. In the preliminary events, he had three cashes (all of them final tables). In the Main Event, he's already picked up his fourth cash and is trying to grind is way back up to a point that would allow him to play for the final table. With just about 30 tables remaining in the event, Brenes has a shot at repeating last year's World Series performance. In his first year on Team PokerStars, Brenes placed 36th for $329,865. If he can do better than that, you won't even need to read the blog. You'll be able to hear it wherever you are.

Oh, yeah. In those pictures...Brenes flopped a set and had a boat by the river.

Brad Willis
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