2007 World Series: Strong Rain Forecast

by Simon Young

After days of hearing about Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan's aggressive and creative play, I was looking forward to the last level when he was sitting on the tables I was covering, one of only two remaining. Nothing happened in the first 30, then 60, then 90 minutes. Finally, in the closing minutes, he raised twice... and it was folded around each time.

Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan: time to adapt

Was he just tightening up because, with just 17 players left, he could smell the final table? Or was it simply that he was getting no cards?

"Mainly that I have been pretty card dead," he said. "But also we are pretty deep here and there's no point in being reckless."

Furthermore, he has a pretty tricky table right now, with Lee Watkinson huge in chips (12,875,000) after doubling through with A-K against Will Spadea's 9-9, Britain's Jon Kalmar is up to 9.6 million and Kenny Tran is on 9.1 million.

"Yeah, that is my other big problem," Khan said. "I only have a certain amount of control now - the table is really quite tough. But what I need to do now is adapt and try and play strong."

Khan is a confident chap, though, and he will not be intimidated by anyone around him, even those with huge stacks. It will take just a few cards at the right time to get him shooting back up the leaderboard.

Seventeen players remain - blinds will now be 60,000-120,000 with a 15,000 running ante.

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