2007 World Series: Terrence Chan makes final table

"How are you even still in this tournament?" I asked. It was a question I knew the answer to, but wanted to see how Terrence Chan responded.

Terrence is a guy who rarely takes a lot of credit for anything and takes bad beats as well as just about anybody. Still, the kind of pots he was losing after getting in ahead with aces and kings were enough to send just about anybody to the rail.

Terrence just shrugged as he is known to do. He mused briefly, "Lose a big pot with aces, lose a big pot with kings..." He didn't finish.

I didn't want to blow too much sunshine, but I couldn't help but tell him that the reason he was still in was because he was playing about as well as he possibly could...and for a guy who is wicked-smart, that's pretty damned well.

In fact, in the past two days, I've only seen Terrence suck out once, and that beat wasn't even that bad. Now, he's sitting among the final six players in the $2,500 short-handed no-limit hold'em event. This will be his second World Series final table, and first this year.

Good luck tomorrow, Terrence. Win one for the good guys.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in