2007 World Series: The RaiNKhaN Dance

The media rules here are very strict and usually for good reason. I respect and protect my media access here, so I never break the rules--usually to the detriment of my coverage.

That said, a while ago, I watched from the rail as RaiNKhaN once again, in his words, "ran good." After winning a big hand with jacks, he almost immediately got queens in against AK. Some industrious friend of his found a way to get a look at this video. I can take no credit for it (in fact, I'm in the white shirt at the top-left of the frame). Nonetheless, I think to deprive the world of this RaiNKhaN Dance would be very sad.

So, out of respect for the media rules here, I won't post what I've seen.

However, if you take a look here, you might just find something interesting.

Brad Willis
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