2007 World Series: Two Stars, one final table


That's what astronomers call two stars orbit around a common gravitational point. While not necessarily all that uncommon in space, it doesn't happen every day here at the World Series. There have been times--like when Greg Raymer and Barry Greenstein made the same final table in the $1,500 stud event a couple of weeks ago--but it's not the type of thing I'd bet on too often.

Today it happened. Two longtime and frequent PokerStars players made the same final table and, between them, raked in a nice chunk of cash in the $2,000 Omaha 8/b event.

Mitch Maples finished in ninth place for $14,578. Martin Corpuz, Jr. made a fantastic run for the bracelet but ended up coming in third place for $97,188.

Mitch Maples

Martin Corpuz

As I'm not an astronomer, I'll leave it to the experts to determine how this might affect the tides or whether it is a harbinger of locusts. For me, I'll just offer my congratulations to Mitch and Martin.

Nice work, gentlemen.

Brad Willis
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