2007 World Series: Who got the look?

Around these poker parts, flying the flag of your favorite online poker site is pretty common. This year, as in the past, people flying the PokerStars flag are outnumbering others. As every player has his or her own game, players have their own styles, as well. Here's a look around the room at the various looks of the PokerStars players in the field today.

Post-College Leisure modeled by Steve Paul-Ambrose

The WingSpan

The Blinder

The Every-Appendage

The Big Gamer

The Pacific Rim Shortstop

Far and away the most creative today is Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah who I spotted flopping quad tens earlier tonight. I call his look "Hey, look, ma! I got a tattoo!"

With hundreds upon hundreds more PokerStars players left to play in this year's event, I'm curious to see what the players will come up with next. We haven't seen Isabelle Mercier or Luca Pagano on the floor yet, so they are bound to offer something.

Brad Willis
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